Encouraging More Adults to Swim
2000 USMS Short Course National Championships

Heat/Psych Sheets

Heat Sheets are now available for all pre-seeded individual events and psych sheets for deck-seeded events. Corrections for mis-spelled names only will be accepted until Sunday, April 16. These corrections will be made in the meet software, but will not be reflected in the printed meet program. Submit corrections via e-mail to Mel Goldstein at goldstein@mindspring.com.

A set of Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files containing heat and psych sheets for all four days of the meet is available in a zip archive here if you would like to download everything and read them off-line (note that deck-seeded events only appear in the psych sheet file).

Thursday, April 27
All events (PDF file)
W 1000 FreeM 1000 Free
W 1650 FreeM 1650 Free
Friday, April 28
Psych Sheet All events (PDF file)
Heat Sheet for pre-seeded events (PDF file)
W 50 BackM 50 Back
W 100 BreastM 100 Breast
W 200 FreeM 200 Free
W 100 FlyM 100 Fly
W 400 IMM 400 IM
Saturday, April 29
Psych Sheet All events (PDF file)
Heat Sheets for pre-seeded events (PDF file)
W 500 Free 
W 100 BackM 100 Back
W 50 BreastM 50 Breast
W 200 IMM 200 IM
W 50 FreeM 50 Free
W 200 FlyM 200 Fly
Sunday, April 30
Psych Sheet All events (PDF file)
Heat Sheets for pre-seeded events (PDF file)
 M 500 Free
W 100 FreeM 100 Free
W 200 BreastM 200 Breast
W 50 FlyM 50 Fly
W 200 BackM 200 Back
W 100 IMM 100 IM
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