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Featured Title
ALTS Lessons Produce Drastic Impact on Neighborhood in Texas - Sep 19, 2017
Between 75 and 100 people from the Fort Worth area have received ALTS lessons
Fort Worth Masters Swimmers Find Mission in Drowning Prevention - Sep 19, 2017
The Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition served 356 students this past summer
Easy Speed Part 2 - Sep 18, 2017
Further analysis of the secrets to faster swimming
USMS Elects Officers and Honors Volunteers - Sep 16, 2017
USMS Annual Meeting at the 2017 USAS Convention
Spice up Practice With These Grab Bag Workouts - Sep 11, 2017
Mixing it up is a fun way to get swimmers engaged
USMS Members Provide Relief From Hurricane Harvey - Sep 7, 2017
Houston Cougar Masters members Finley, Weininger helped residents in hometown
Active Mind Key for Swimming Fast - Sep 4, 2017
There is a difference between thoughtful swimming and mindless laps
USMS Swimmers Break Eight World Records at FINA Worlds in Hungary - Aug 25, 2017
Tamalpais Aquatic Masters’ Laura Val had four individual world records
Final Top 10 for 2017 SCY Available - Aug 23, 2017
Searchable listings available for individuals and relays

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Sep 23, 2017Louisville, Ky.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Oct 14, 2017Minneapolis, Minn.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Nov 4, 2017Chicago, Ill.Level 3  Register Now
Nov 11, 2017San Francisco Bay area, Calif.Level 3  Register Now
Nov 18, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.Level 3  Register Now
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Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location
Sep 23, 2017Chicago, Ill.  Register Now
Sep 30, 2017Portland, Maine  Register Now
Oct 7, 2017Charlotte, N.C.  Register Now
Oct 14, 2017San Antonio, Texas  Register Now
Oct 21, 2017Cleveland, Ohio  Register Now
Oct 28, 2017Washington, D.C.  Register Now
Nov 3, 2017Colorado Springs, Colo.  Register Now
Nov 4, 2017Phoenix, Ariz.  Register Now
Nov 11, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.  Register Now
Nov 12, 2017Berkeley Heights, N.J.  Register Now
Nov 18, 2017Louisville, Ky.  Register Now
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