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Miles logged by USMS swimmers in the Fitness Logs
The USMS Go the Distance program is a free fitness event. Track your miles swum in our online Fitness Log, reach key milestones, and gain online recognition for your achievements. Sign up now.
Featured Title
The Wetsuit Factor - May 16, 2015
How to maximize your open water speed
Core Stability Swim Drills for Triathlon and Open Water - May 16, 2015
Help your triathletes and open water swimmers improve core stability
Self-Massage for IT Band Syndrome - May 4, 2015
There’s more to foam rolling when dealing with IT band symptoms
Training Paddles: What and Why? - May 4, 2015
Use paddles to help with technique, strength, and variety
Aye! There's the Rub - May 4, 2015
Skin chafing is one of open water swimming’s biggest issues
Meg Smath is the 2015 Ransom J. Arthur Award Recipient - May 4, 2015
Longtime Kentucky LMSC volunteer garners USMS's most prestigious award
Spring Nationals Live Streaming and Realtime Results - Apr 23, 2015
A live video stream and realtime results will be available throughout the meet
Gimme a Break! - Apr 17, 2015
Techniques for recovering without stopping
The Five Ps of Swim Meet Preparation - Apr 17, 2015
Proper preparation prevents poor performance

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Coach Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location Levels Offered
May 30, 2015San Antonio, TexasLevel 1Level 2  Register Now
Jun 5, 2015Nashville, Tenn.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
* Course is on a Friday.
Jul 25, 2015Portland, Ore.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Aug 15, 2015Raleigh, N.C.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Aug 29, 2015Philadelphia, Pa.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Sep 10, 2015Cleveland, OhioLevel 1Level 2
* During ASCA
Sep 19, 2015Chicago, Ill.Level 3
Sep 26, 2015Oklahoma City, Okla.Level 1Level 2
* Stroke Development Clinic will be held on Sept 27.
Sep 30, 2015Kansas City, Mo.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
* At USAS convention.
Sep 30, 2015Kansas City, Mo.Level 3  Register Now
* At USAS convention.
Oct 17, 2015Los Angeles, Calif.Level 3
Oct 31, 2015Seattle, Wash.Level 3
Nov 7, 2015Charlotte, N.C.Level 3
Nov 14, 2015Jackson, Miss.Level 1Level 2
Nov 21, 2015Philadelphia, Pa.Level 3
Dec 5, 2015Austin, TexasLevel 3
Additional Coach Certification Course Information

Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location
Sep 30, 2015Kansas City, Mo.  Register Now
* Kansas City area (at USAS convention)
Oct 17, 2015Washington, D.C.  Register Now
* Washington, D.C. Area
Oct 24, 2015Chicago, Ill.  Register Now
Additional Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Information
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