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The Dos and Don’ts of Your Taper Diet - Jun 26, 2017
How to set your ideal nutrition plan so you make the most of your big competition
Help Us Celebrate FINA World Aquatics Day - Jun 26, 2017
Promote aquatic sports as part of a fit and healthy lifestyle
Want to be a Better Coach? Make it Personal - Jun 26, 2017
Ideas for engaging swimmers to elicit their best workout effort
Six-Week Taper Plan for Your Entire Team - Jun 23, 2017
Tapering your swimmers can be difficult, but here’s a guideline
After 40 Years as a Swim Dad and Grandfather, It’s His Turn - Jun 16, 2017
Fear of the water has kept my dad from learning how to swim, until now
Get Fit with U.S. Masters Swimming! - Jun 12, 2017
Learn more about what we can do for you
Training Triathletes - Jun 9, 2017
Enhance your Masters club by embracing multisport athletes
Frimerman-Bergquist Finds Way to Open Water Title in Chattanooga - Jun 7, 2017
Minnesota swimmer, Whitney, Dawkins, Valdivia win open water national titles
The Elbows are Key to Finding Power in All Four Strokes - Jun 7, 2017
Your elbow position determines the amount of pressure you can put on the water

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Coach Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location Levels Offered
Aug 26, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Sep 9, 2017Phoenix, Ariz.Level 3  Register Now
Sep 13, 2017Dallas, TexasLevel 1Level 2  Register Now
Sep 23, 2017Louisville, Ky.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Oct 14, 2017Minneapolis, Minn.Level 1Level 2
Nov 4, 2017Chicago, Ill.Level 3
Nov 11, 2017San Francisco Bay area, Calif.Level 3  Register Now
Nov 18, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.Level 3  Register Now
Dec 2, 2017Las Vegas, Nev.Level 1Level 2
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Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location
Sep 13, 2017Dallas, Texas  Register Now
Sep 23, 2017Chicago, Ill.  Register Now
Sep 30, 2017Portland, Maine  Register Now
Oct 7, 2017Charlotte, N.C.  Register Now
Oct 14, 2017San Antonio, Texas  Register Now
Oct 21, 2017Cleveland, Ohio  Register Now
Oct 28, 2017Washington, D.C.  Register Now
Nov 4, 2017Phoenix, Ariz.  Register Now
Nov 11, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.
Nov 12, 2017Berkeley Heights, N.J.
Nov 18, 2017Louisville, Ky.
Dec 3, 2017Las Vegas, Nev.
Dec 9, 2017Sarasota, Fla.
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