USMS Award Recipients
Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

As a volunteer-driven organization, USMS is grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who give their time, talent, and expertise to help all phases of our programs. The DDSA is given to those volunteers whose service stands out in its scope and its impact on the program and the USMS members who have benefited from their efforts on the local, regional, and national level. The recipient must be a registered member of USMS.

Up to 15 people are selected each year for the USMS Service Award with nominations coming from LMSCs, clubs, and individuals.

To make a nomination, submit a one-page letter citing the reasons the
individual deserves recognition and the award. Be sure to include:
• The name, address, Email and phone information for both nominee and nominator
• Where the service was performed: local (club or LMSC), zone, or national level or any combination thereof
• The impact of service to new programs, improvements or enhancements of on-going programs
• The scope of the service including effect on members who have benefited

Submit nominations electronically by July 1 to: awards AT usms DOT org

2013 William Bearden New Mexico LMSC
Stephen Darnell Oregon LMSC
Wes Edwards Oregon LMSC
Kildine Harms Pacific LMSC
Thomas Moore Jr. Minnesota LMSC
John Morales Pacific LMSC
Jennifer Parks Michigan LMSC
Dick Pitman Wisconsin LMSC
Phyllis Quinn Pacific LMSC
Garrick Snider New Mexico LMSC
Anthony Thompson Missouri Valley LMSC
Stephanie Walsh Beilman Delaware Valley LMSC
Tim Waud Oregon LMSC
Dan Wegner Southern Pacific LMSC
2012 Jim Barber Indiana LMSC
Marianne Bradley Florida LMSC
Bob Bruce Oregon LMSC
Chris Campbell Pacific LMSC
Jim Clemmons Pacific LMSC
Brian Cohn Minnesota LMSC
Jill Gellatly Gulf LMSC
Brian Holthus Minnesota LMSC
Susan Kirk New Jersey LMSC
George Mc Vey Niagara LMSC
Robert Mitchell Southern Pacific LMSC
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund Potomac Valley LMSC
Lori Payne Ozark LMSC
Tom Spence Lake Erie LMSC
Jeanne Teisher Oregon LMSC
Paul Wrangell Pacific LMSC
2011 Jan Goff Kentucky LMSC
John Bauman Wisconsin LMSC
Joanne Berven Pacific LMSC
Charles Cockrell Virginia LMSC
Herb Cook Pacific Northwest LMSC
Malcolm Cooper Hawaii LMSC
Daniel Cox Lake Erie LMSC
Leianne Crittenden Pacific LMSC
Richard Hap Gentry Ozark LMSC
Heather Hagadorn Colorado LMSC
John King Pacific LMSC
Pam Ogden Minnesota LMSC
Mark Oliphant Maryland LMSC
Tracy Robin North Dakota LMSC
Bob Upshaw Pacific LMSC
2010 Paige Buehler Inland Northwest LMSC
Victor Buehler Florida LMSC
Glenda Carroll Pacific LMSC
Ralph Davis Michigan LMSC
Doug Garcia Colorado LMSC
Sally Guthrie Michigan LMSC
Caroline Lambert Pacific LMSC
Sue Moucha Florida LMSC
Tina Neill Minnesota LMSC
Fred Nelis Michigan LMSC
Ellen Parchen Montana LMSC
Jeffrey Roddin Potomac Valley LMSC
Ann Svenson Potomac Valley LMSC
Joel Wilson Pacific LMSC
Jill Wright Snake River LMSC
2009 Marcia Anziano Colorado LMSC
Christie Ciraulo Southern Pacific LMSC
Jerry Clark North Carolina LMSC
William Cleveland Southern LMSC
Christopher Colburn Illinois LMSC
Lisa Dahl Pacific Northwest LMSC
Barbara Delanois Illinois LMSC
Paul Freeman Pacific Northwest LMSC
Janet Renner Hawaii LMSC
Mark Sells Minnesota LMSC
Chris Stevenson Virginia LMSC
2008 Patricia A Baker Ohio LMSC
Thomas G Bliss Florida LMSC
Gussie B Crawford Ozark LMSC
Thomas K Foley Pacific Northwest LMSC
Allen Highnote Southern Pacific LMSC
Doug Huestis Pacific LMSC
Charles H Kohnken Florida LMSC
WonKee Moon Potomac Valley LMSC
Randy Nutt Florida Gold Coast LMSC
Fred C Pigott Illinois LMSC
Jeanne Seidler Wisconsin LMSC
Dick A Sidner Indiana LMSC
Erin M Sullivan Nebraska LMSC
Sarah Welch Pacific Northwest LMSC
Scott Williams Pacific LMSC
2007 Joan Campbell Florida LMSC
Cav Cavanaugh Florida Gold Coast LMSC
Nadine Day Illinois LMSC
Phil Dodson Illinois LMSC
James Donnelly Florida LMSC
Mark Gill Kentucky LMSC
Chuck Hutinger Florida LMSC
Arni Litt Pacific Northwest LMSC
Joseph Magiera Illinois LMSC
Kerry O’Brien Pacific LMSC
Steve Peterson Pacific Northwest LMSC
Loree Watanabe Pacific LMSC
Mary Lee Watson Southeastern LMSC
2006 Connie Barrett Southern Pacific LMSC
Marcia Benjamin Pacific LMSC
Tom Boyd Southern Pacific LMSC
Kathy Casey Pacific Northwest LMSC
Debbie Cavanaugh Florida Gold Coast LMSC
Mo Chambers Southern Pacific LMSC
Randy Crutchfield Indiana LMSC
Laura Kessler Ohio LMSC
Sue Haugh North Carolina LMSC
Fritz Lehman North Carolina LMSC
Hugh Moore Pacific Northwest LMSC
Mary Pohlmann Ozark LMSC
Walt Reid Pacific Northwest LMSC
Jon Steiner Pacific LMSC
Patricia Tullman Florida LMSC
2005 Lee Carlson Pacific Northwest LMSC
Peter Crumbine Connecticut LMSC
Jan Kavadas Pacific Northwest LMSC
Jane Masters Border LMSC
Don Mehl Border LMSC
Nancy Ridout Pacific LMSC
Deb Walker Florida LMSC
Jody Welborn Oregon LMSC
Jim Wheeler Pacific LMSC
2004 Joan Alexander Pacific LMSC
Trisha Commons Southern Pacific LMSC
Marilyn Fink San Diego - Imperial LMSC
Cheryl Gettelfinger Indiana LMSC
Mary Meyer Hull Southern Pacific LMSC
David Lamott San Diego - Imperial LMSC
Anna Lea Roof Missouri Valley LMSC
Dennis McManus Michigan LMSC
Cris Meier-Windes Pacific LMSC
Mark W. Moore Southern Pacific LMSC
Jeff Moxie Southern Pacific LMSC
George Simon North Carolina LMSC
Dotty Whitcomb Southeastern LMSC
Mary Beth Windrath Minnesota LMSC
Robert Zeitner Illinois LMSC
2003 Jack Buchannan Colorado LMSC
Peggy Buchannan Colorado LMSC
Michael Collins Southern Pacific LMSC
Harry Delong Virginia LMSC
David Diehl Potomac Valley LMSC
Pam Himstreet Oregon LMSC
Margie Hutinger Florida LMSC
Lucy Johnson Southern Pacific LMSC
Mike Lemke Kentucky LMSC
Patty Powis Virginia LMSC
Adrienne Pipes San Diego - Imperial LMSC
David Radcliff Oregon LMSC
Melissa Rinker Indiana LMSC
Shannon Sullivan Southern Pacific LMSC
Kris Wingenroth Gulf LMSC
2002 Sally Ann Dillon Pacific Northwest LMSC
Mel Dyck Arizona LMSC
Jeanne Ensign Pacific Northwest LMSC
Errol Graham Southern Pacific LMSC
Jacque Grossman South Carolina LMSC
Michael Heather Southern Pacific LMSC
Esther Lyman New England LMSC
Wayne McCauley Southern Pacific LMSC
Sandy McNeel Pacific Northwest LMSC
Bob Merrick Southern Pacific LMSC
Steve Schofield Southern Pacific LMSC
Jessica Seaton Southern Pacific LMSC
Meegan Wilson Florida LMSC
2001 Bill Volckening New England LMSC
Richard Brewer Florida LMSC
Marcia Cleveland Illinois LMSC
Leslie Cooper New England LMSC
Carolyn Cunningham Pacific LMSC
George Cunningham Pacific LMSC
Sarah Hromada Minnesota LMSC
Rick Meier-Windes Pacific LMSC
Charlie Moss Michigan LMSC
Ed Saltzman Georgia LMSC
Frank Tillotson Florida LMSC
2000 Cathy Copeland Georgia LMSC
Jean Fox Southeastern LMSC
Chris Gilligan Florida LMSC
Linda McCowan Virginia LMSC
Nancy Miller Virginia LMSC
Bob Seltzer New England LMSC
1999 Diane Black Georgia LMSC
Bill Black Georgia LSMC
Barry Fasbender Pacific LMSC
Lil Haneman New England LMSC
Lynn Hazlewood Potomac Valley LMSC
Bob Kolonkowski Metropolitan LMSC
Jim Matysek Niagara LMSC
Art Mayer Delaware Valley LMSC
Jane Moore Pacific Northwest LMSC
Michael W Moore Pacific LMSC
Ed Nessel Florida LMSC
Ginger Pierson Oregon LMSC
Meg Smath Kentucky LMSC
Frank L. "Skip" Thompson Michigan LMSC
1998 Walter Eggert Pacific LMSC
Julie Paque Heather Pacific LMSC
Roy Abramowitz Oregon LMSC
Carolyn Boak Pacific LMSC
Rich Burns Pacific LMSC
Anneliese Eggert Pacific LMSC
Carl House Florida Gold Coast LMSC
Wayde Mulhern Minnesota LMSC
Sandi Rousseau Oregon LMSC
Dore Schwab Pacific LMSC
Joan Smith Pacific LMSC
Richard Smith Pacific LMSC
Joanne Tingley Kentucky LMSC
1997 Gene Donner Niagara LMSC
Barbara Dunbar San Diego - Imperial LMSC
Betsy Durrant Virginia LMSC
Darlene Ferguson Florida LMSC
Babs Larsen Indiana LMSC
Barbara Protzman Maryland LMSC
Forrest Sullivan Virginia LMSC
Earl Walter Oregon LMSC
Elin Zander Inland Northwest LMSC
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