Insurance Information

Masters members and coaches should know the insurance USMS provides including who is covered and who is not covered by the insurance. USMS provides two types of insurance to registered members.

Excess Personal Accident Insurance

Every registered USMS member is provided $25,000 of excess personal accident insurance. The USMS insurance is secondary to the member's primary insurance. In the event the member has no insurance, the USMS insurance is primary up to $25,000. Participant Accident Coverage also includes $5,000 of accidental death or dismemberment and $50 a week up to 13 weeks of temporary disability. Expenses incurred by a USMS member must be a direct result of an injury incurred in a USMS activity. Treatment must begin within 90 days of the accident. Such expenses must be incurred within 1 year from the date of the accident.

As a Masters coach, it is important you understand that every individual within your practice or event must be USMS registered for the USMS excess personal accident insurance to be in effect. As the Masters coach overseeing the practice, you place the insurance coverage for registered USMS members in peril when you allow non-registered USMS members to swim within a practice or event. The only exception is when an individual swimming with your practice signs a 30-day tryout waiver. As the Masters coach, you are expected to provide supervision over the practice.

Registered USA Swimming members, who are not-registered USMS members, may participate in USMS practices without voiding coverage. If a USA Swimming member is involved in the USMS practice, it is necessary that a USA Swimming coach, who is also a USMS registered member, be supervising the practice.

General Liability Insurance

USMS provides $1,000,000 of general liability insurance to USMS, LMSCs, clubs, and sanctioned events (including volunteers who are supporting the event). General liability insurance is also provided to USMS coaches who are supervising a practice so long as all the participants in the practice are USMS registered or USA Swimming registered. Facilities are not automatically covered for liability unless the meet host is required by contract to hold the facility harmless for the host's negligent acts and must name the facility as an additional insured on the USMS policy; or the meet host is required to name the facility owner as an additional insured. USMS does not provide liability coverage for the following activities: abuse or molestation, diving, synchroized swimming, water polo, intentional acts, operation or ownership of an automobile vehicle, any obligation or liability under workers compensation, or unemployment compensation or disability.

Additional insurance information, including certificates of insurance and claims, can be obtained by contacting Anna Lea Matysek in the USMS national office.  Telephone is 941-556-6279.

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