USMS Award Recipients
Recipients of The Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award

This award is given in honor of Captain Ransom J. Arthur, M.D., who, by his sacrifice, perseverance, and dedication to improving the health of adults through swimming, established the Masters Swimming program in the United States. The award is given annually to the USMS registered person who has done the most to further the objectives of Masters swimming.

2014 Hill Carrow North Carolina LMSC
2013 Patricia Miller Virginia LMSC
2012 Doug Church Indiana LMSC
2011 Rob Copeland Georgia LMSC
2010 Lynn Hazlewood Potomac Valley LMSC
2009 Julie Heather Southern Pacific LMSC
2008 Barry Fasbender Pacific LMSC
2007 Jeanne Ensign Pacific Northwest LMSC
2006 Sally Dillon Pacific Northwest LMSC
2005 Betsy Durrant Virginia LMSC
2004 Leo Letendre Ozark LMSC
2003 Sandi Rousseau Oregon LMSC
2002 Hugh Moore Pacific Northwest LMSC
Jane Moore Pacific Northwest LMSC
2001 Carolyn Boak Pacific LMSC
2000 Joan Smith Pacific LMSC
Richard Smith Pacific LMSC
1999 Jim Miller, M.D. Virginia LMSC
1998 William Tingley Kentucky LMSC
1997 Mel Goldstein Indiana LMSC
1996 Suzanne Rague Oregon LMSC
1995 Mary Lee Watson Southeastern LMSC
1994 Nancy Ridout Pacific LMSC
1993 Kathrine Casey Pacific Northwest LMSC
Gail Dummer Michigan LMSC
1992 Walt Reid Pacific Northwest LMSC
1991 Tom Boak Gulf LMSC
1990 Jack Geoghegan Connecticut LMSC
1989 Dan Gruender Arizona LMSC
Edie Gruender Arizona LMSC
1988 John Spannuth Florida Gold Coast LMSC
1987 Ross Wales Ohio LMSC
1986 Judge Robert Beach Florida LMSC
1985 Michael A. Laux Connecticut LMSC
1984 Reg Richardson Southern Pacific LMSC
1983 Dorothy Donnelly Connecticut LMSC
1982 Harry Rawstrom Delaware Valley LMSC
1981 Cindy Baxter Pacific LMSC
1980 Ed Reed Sr. New England LMSC
Enid Urich New England LMSC
1979 Ray Taft Pacific LMSC
Zada Taft Pacific LMSC
1978 Hamilton Anderson South Texas LMSC
Mildred Anderson South Texas LMSC
1977 Dr. Paul Hutinger Florida LMSC
1976 F.H. "Ted" Haartz New England LMSC
1975 Hal Onusseit New England LMSC
1974 June Krauser Florida Gold Coast LMSC
1973 Ransom J. Arthur San Diego - Imperial LMSC
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