USMS Award Recipient

Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award


Recipient: Jim Miller
Year: 1999
LMSC: Virginia

In the tradition of the award’s namesake, Dr. Jim Miller was selected as the Captain Ransom J. Arthur, M.D. Award recipient because of his commitment to and involvement in swimming and the health and fitness of swimmers. With experience as a physician, coach, and leader, Jim served at all levels of Masters swimming. Prior to receiving the award, Jim was Vice President of USMS, Medical Coordinator for numerous USMS National Championships, Chair of the USMS Sports Medicine Committee, Chair of the USMS Coaches Committee, Vice President of the Masters Aquatic Coaches Association, Chair of the Virginia LMSC, President of Virginia Masters Swim Team, and the 1986 USMS Coach of the Year. He also served on USMS’s Championship and Long Distance Committees.

In addition, Jim was involved in swimming outside of Masters, which benefited USMS’s ties in the swimming community. He was a coach and stroke and turn official for many years. He also served as a physician at the Olympic Trials for swimming 1996.

Jim’s medical practice has been tied to the encouragement of adult swimming and fitness. He is a family practitioner with a subspecialty in sports medicine. He was the medical director for the health club at which his Masters team swam and team physician for a local high school’s sports teams. Jim also published on swimming and adult athletes. The combination of Jim’s long-term commitment and service to USMS and his medical contributions to swimming and fitness led to the decision to present him with the 1999 Ransom Arthur Award.