Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC)

When you become a member of USMS, in addition to registering with a club, workout group, or as unattached, you also become a member of your Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC). Your LMSC is a regional governing body that provides certain benefits to USMS members, including event sanctions, newsletters about activities within the LMSC, websites, awards and recognition, and social activities. Your LMSC officers are local volunteers, and each LMSC shall be governed by bylaws that are consistent with USMS objectives and goals.

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Each zone may adopt and maintain policies that provide direction on such items as voting rights at meetings, budgets, and financial records, zone championship meet conduct, zone records, and zone Top 10. Zone chairs shall support LMSCs to promote Masters Swimming within the zones. 

  • Breadbasket* — Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri Valley, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ozark, South Dakota.

  • Colonies* — Adirondack, Connecticut, Delaware Valley, Maryland, Metropolitan, New England, New Jersey, Niagara, Potomac Valley, Virginia.

  • Great Lakes — Allegheny Mountain, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Lake Erie, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin.

  • Northwest* — Alaska, Inland Northwest, Montana, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Snake River, Utah.

  • Oceana — Hawaii, Pacific.

  • South Central* — Arkansas, Gulf, Oklahoma, North Texas, South Texas.

  • Southeast* — Florida, Florida Gold Coast, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Southeastern, Southern.

  • Southwest* — Arizona, New Mexico, San Diego–Imperial, Southern Pacific.

*Local information is available on each zone website. If you have questions, please contact Volunteer Services.