U.S. Masters Swimming and Swim.com have partnered to allow you to link your My USMS account and Swim.com account so you can join challenges (like the 2021 Fitness Series), engage with exclusive swim workouts, and leaderboard filtering and USMS clubs have increased promotion. 
 If you currently have USMS FLOG activities, skip to the "Account Linking Details for FLOG Users" section to learn more. If you don't have FLOG activities, begin linking now. 🔗😀

How to Link Your Accounts

It's a simple process to link your accounts, and you only have to do it once!

  1. Create a Swim.com account.
  2. Log in to your My USMS account.
  3. Click on the Link to Swim.com/My Swim Feed section.
  4. Click the "Get Started" button.
  5. Consent to the terms.
  6. Enjoy your My USMS/Swim.com partnership.


Link Your Accounts


Account Linking Details for FLOG Users 

The account linking will take all activities within your USMS Fitness Log (FLOG) and combine them with your activities on the Swim.com platform. Don't worry, you DO NOT need to have an existing Swim.com account to take advantage. You can create one at Swim.com

  • If you have activities on Swim.com before linking, your FLOG activities will be added to those once the linking is complete.
  • If you don't have activities on Swim.com before linking, your FLOG activities will be the only ones on Swim.com once the linking is complete.

Swim.com will then become the one location for all of your activities from both accounts. From Swim.com, you'll be able to update your activity information, add a note to your activity, connect with other swimmers, view local and national leaderboards, send swims to the FLOGs, and so much more. 

After linking, if you're just looking for a quick snapshot of all your pool swims in your My USMS account, you can view them in your My Swim Feed section. 

Important Linking Notes (Updated January 2021):

  1. You will need a Swim.com account before you can begin linking. Go here to register your free account and download the app for your iPhone or Android. 
  2. Pool swims, open water swims, runs, yoga classes, and all other FLOG activities can be sent over from the FLOGs to Swim.com 
    1. NOTE: Swims, open water swims, runs, cycle sessions, yoga sessions, and weightlifting sessions will all appear on Swim.com as those exact activity types on the FLOGs. All the other activities in the FLOG will appear on Swim.com as general workouts. See the full breakdown in the FAQs.
    2. The distance, time, and notes for each activity will all be sent over as well.
  3. FLOGs that have been input after you linked your accounts will be sent over to Swim.com nightly. Do not input the same workout on both platforms, as it will create a duplicate.
  4. After linking, pool swims from a smart device input on Swim.com will be sent back to the FLOG.
  5. My Swim Feed is still in beta and will only display your yards or meters pool swims (update for more activities coming in early 2022). 
  6. Once the accounts are linked, wait a few minutes for the FLOG activities to populate on Swim.com.

Go The Distance Notes (Updated January 2021)

  1. On January 7, 2021, Swim.com and the FLOG are now fully connected for pool swims in the Go the Distance event. This means a pool swim entered via a smart device on the Swim.com app will be sent to your FLOG and count for GTD and a swim entered on your FLOG will be sent to Swim.com.
  2. These pool swims only need to be entered on either the Swim.com app or the FLOG. They don't need to be entered on both as that will happen automatically now.
  3. You must enter GTD for that year for the integration to work.
  4. We still recommend that swims are only entered into Swim.com. 


Link Your Accounts

Swim.com Benefits

You can upload your workouts to Swim.com's app, which can be accessed on your iOS or Android device. You'll be able to gain valuable insights on your pace, stroke rate, and more through our partnership with Swim.com, the most advanced swim app on the market. Here are some other benefits of Swim.com:

  1. Integrates with smartwatches (Apple Watch, Garmin, Android, and Samsung)
  2. Easy-to-use mobile app
  3. Club and national-level leaderboards
  4. Connect with other swimmers
  5. Enhanced workout analytics
  6. Tracking your swimming progress over time
  7. NEW: Connection to the USMS Workout Library where workouts can be sent from USMS to the app or your wearable
  8. NEW: Ability to compete in USMS championships and complete USMS challenges

Account Linking Swim.com FAQs

Q: Where do I register for a swim.com account?

A: You can download the iOS or Android app to take full advantage of the workout tracking or just register online here (www.swim.com)

Q: I don't see all of my FLOG activities in My Swim Feed. What should I do?

A: After the accounts are linked, the FLOG activities can take from several minutes up to as much as 10-20 minutes to process – depending on how many users are connecting at the same time and how many FLOGs you have. If you don’t see your FLOG swims after 30 minutes, contact marketing@usmastersswimming.org.

Q: Will swims input on Swim.com get added to my Go The Distance totals?

Yes, in January 2021, we improved the integration and now pool swims entered through the FLOGs or Swim.com will go to your Go The Distance totals.

Q: Will my FLOGs count towards the general Swim.com leaderboards?
No, currently only swims entered via smartwatch will be eligible for the leaderboards. FLOGs are considered manually entered workouts and do not qualify as smartwatch workouts. However, manually entered workouts on leaderboards is a feature Swim.com is looking to add. 
Q: I would like to see some other features added to Swim.com. Who should I contact?

A: 2019-2020 is just the first phase in the Swim.com-USMS relationship. We plan on releasing new features, events, and improvements over the next year. If you have ideas on new features or improvements, please send them to support@swim.com.

Q: Do I need to create my Swim.com account with the same email as my My USMS account?

A: No, you can create a Swim.com account with whatever email address you would like. When linking your Swim.com account to your My USMS account, if you are not already logged into Swim.com, you will be prompted to log in. At this point, you can enter the email and password you used when creating your Swim.com account.

Q: Why am I not seeing anything in the Personal Records tab of My Swim Feed?

A: Only swims that are logged from a smartwatch will populate your Personal Records tab. The FLOGs do not have the capability of inputting a fastest 50, 100, 200, etc. They just take total distance and total time. You can buy a smartwatch here.

Q: Which smartwatches are compatible with Swim.com?

A: Swim.com is compatible with most of the popular wearables, including the Apple Watch, Garmin, Samsung, and WearOS-compatible devices. Many of these devices can be purchased on SwimOutlet.com.

Q: Where can I disconnect my accounts?

A: You can either hit disconnect on the upper right-hand corner of your My Swim Feed (beta) page or log into Swim.com and go to your Account Settings. Once you scroll down near the bottom of this section, you will see a button to disconnect your account. Press this button and then confirm that you want to disconnect your accounts.

Q: How will each type (i.e. Open Water Swim, Hiking, etc.) of FLOG activities look on Swim.com? 

A: Below is how each type of FLOG activity will look on Swim.com

  • Swim (SCY, LCM, SCM) --> Pool Swim
  • Swim (Open Water) --> Open Water
  • Swim (Other) --> Flume
  • Weights --> Weights
  • Running --> Running
  • Cycling --> Cycling 
  • Yoga --> Yoga
  • Other --> Workout
  • Barre --> Workout
  • Canoeing --> Workout
  • Cross-County Skiing --> Workout
  • Dancing --> Workout
  • Downhill Skiing --> Workout
  • Elliptical --> Workout
  • Hiking --> Workout
  • Kayaking --> Workout
  • Lawn Mowing --> Workout
  • Pilates --> Workout
  • Rowing --> Workout
  • Snowshoeing --> Workout
  • Spinning --> Workout
  • Stairs --> Workout
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding --> Workout
  • Steps --> Workout
  • Walking --> Workout

Note: Only pool swims will not go back from Swim.com to the FLOG

Q: Why is Total Distance only 50 yards or meters on some of my swims? I know I didn't input them like that.

A: The FLOG was created in the 2000s and has evolved in that time. Entering Total Distance was not always a requirement, which left many FLOG swims without this information. Fifty yards or meters is the minimum requirement for Total Distance on a FLOG swim to be processed over to Swim.com. We changed all the swims that had 0s in the Total Distance to 50 to ensure they made it over to Swim.com. If you want to remove these swims, you can always delete them from your Swim.com account.

Q: Why is Total Time only one minute on some of my swims? I know I didn't input them like that.

A: The FLOG was created in the 2000s and has evolved in that time. Entering Total Time was not always a requirement, which left many FLOG entries without this information. One minute is the minimum requirement for Total Time on a FLOG swim to be processed over to Swim.com. We changed all the swims that had 0s in the Total Time to 1 to ensure they made it over to Swim.com. If you want to remove these swims, you can always delete them from your Swim.com account.

Q: I added more FLOG entries after the account linking, but I want to send them to Swim.com. What should I do?

A: These activities will be sent over to Swim.com nightly. 

Q: The account linking isn't working for me. Who should I contact?