USMS events provide a competitive outlet and motivational goal for adult swimmers, as well as opportunities for USMS clubs to build their swimming community with fun experiences and generate revenue for operations. 
To create more opportunities for adult swimmers, USMS has created an event development program that provides numerous resources to help start new events and grow existing events.  

Who can apply?

  • Clubs interested in hosting a meet, open water swim, or fun swimming event  
  • Aquatics facilities interested in using their space and increasing revenue 
  • Prior swimming events rebuilding or restarting since the pandemic 
  • Event directors interested in growing a current event or starting a new one  



  • Grant applicants must have the capacity to host a 100+-person USMS-sanctioned pool meet or open water swim in the next calendar year with the intention of building the event in future years.  


Development Support Components

Event Consulting

  • Meet directors guide 
  • Facility engagement and negotiation 
  • Pricing and registration support 
  • Profit and loss management 
  • Budgeting 
  • Volunteer recruitment 
  • Operational guidance and administrative advice 
  • Suggestions for social elements and ancillary programming 

Answer this questionnaire and then set up a call with the event development team for more specifics. 

Answer the Event Questionnaire


Marketing and Programming

  • Marketing 
    • Locally targeted digital ad campaign created by USMS 
    • Consult with club leadership on local marketing program (e.g., word of mouth, facility, etc.) 
    • Connect with LMSC representative(s) for additional exposure 
    • Feature the event in USMS’s event newsletter and/or social media 


Grant Program / Financial Support

  • Grants are available to help with event start-up or growth initiatives (e.g., facility rental, registration platform fees, etc.) 
  • Grants are offered to minimize the financial risk of hosting an event 
    • Typical grant will be $500–$1,000 
    • Maximum grant award of $3,000 of event expenses in excess of revenue 
    • Grant amount will be determined based on forecasted expenses, details of strategy, marketing resources necessary, need, etc.   
  • Financial support is designed to insure a club or event director against a loss from hosting an event, not as a revenue-generating source. It is also intended to encourage new event development by minimizing financial risk. However, in some instances, particularly for first-time events, USMS will match $0.50 of every dollar of net income up to the full grant award amount (e.g., $1,500 grant awarded to offset projected deficit, event realizes $2,000 net income, USMS awards $1,000 incentive grant). 
    • This opportunity will be agreed to in advance based on the event details and must be used to support future event or club needs. 
  • Grant agreement and budget templates are available for review and to get started on planning.

Answer this questionnaire and then set up a call with the event development team for more specifics. 

Answer the Event Questionnaire


*Clubs, facilities, or event directors interested in any or all of components of the event development program are encouraged to schedule a call with the event department to share background and start the process of building a plan.