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USMS Masters Coach Certification

The USMS Coaches Committee and Club and Coach Services have developed four levels of Masters coach certification. The courses for Levels 1, 2, and 3 are taught in classroom settings throughout the country by USMS-certified instructors. At the conclusion of the courses, USMS issues certification to successful candidates. Please note that you cannot take the Level 3 course on the same weekend that you are taking Levels 1 and 2.

Level 4 is a portfolio style application and has no classroom component. The body of work is scored on a point system and is based on criteria set forth by the USMS Coaches Committee. A Level 4 applicant must be a head coach or an assistant coach with significant responsibilities for their Masters team. At Level 4, we are looking for the coach to expand their influence and contributions beyond their team. There are opportunities to score points around the team and its accomplishments (such as growth and retention, team achievement in events, hosting clinics or meets). However we are also looking for the coach’s own personal growth in education, a commitment to leadership, and contributions at the local, regional or national level of Masters swimming.

Candidates for Level 4 must register and submit the Level 4 application, with supporting documentation, to a designated review panel.

USMS Masters coach certification does not expire and will be recognized by USMS as long as your USMS membership remains active. If your USMS memberships lapses, USMS will not recognize your coach certification status during that time. Once your USMS membership is reactivated, your coach certification status will be reinstated. USMS provides references for active member coaches only.

If you’re already an American Swimming Coaches Association-certified coach and have completed the ASCA Masters track prior to December 1, 2010, you’ll continue to have your Masters certification recognized by USMS, regardless of your current ASCA membership status, as long as you maintain your USMS membership. However, you’re invited to take these adult-specific courses, for which you’ll earn credits toward ASCA’s continuing education requirements.

To become a USMS-certified Masters coach, you must:

  • Be a member of USMS
  • Attend the Masters coach certification course
  • Successfully complete the end-of-course tests

USMS values ASCA’s service as an advocate for the swim coach profession and the sport of swimming and encourages all swim coaches to consider ASCA membership. ASCA recognizes the USMS Masters coach certification course and will issue ASCA Masters coach certification to their members who:

  • Attend the USMS Masters coach certification course
  • Submit the required documents to ASCA: the ASCA Certified Masters Coach application (provided at certification course) and the completed tests from any USMS coach certification courses.

More Information

Contact Bill Brenner for more information regarding coach certification.

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