To create more opportunities for adults to swim, USMS has created a club development program that provides numerous resources to help USMS clubs expand their capacity at current and/or new facilities.  While not every club will be eligible for the development program, USMS provides numerous resources for all our clubs. Please visit Club Central to learn more.   

Who is eligible?

  • USMS clubs interested in growth 
  • Aquatics facilities with a plan to start a USMS club  
  • Coaches interested in starting a new USMS club at an identified facility 
  • USA Swimming clubs  
  • Unrenewed or lapsed USMS clubs  



  • Capacity to host a minimum of seven (7) workouts per week, with four (4) lanes per workout
    • Consideration will be made for clubs that offer fewer workouts and lanes depending on their capacity for growing to conduct a minimum of seven (7) workouts per week in alignment with the business plan.
  • Commitment to USMS Gold Club Designation requirements 
  • Must have a digital channel to communicate with club members (e.g., Facebook Group, email, website, app, etc.)  


Development Support Components

Club Consulting

  • Facility engagement and negotiation 
  • Profit and loss management 
  • Budgeting 
  • Coaching compensation 
  • Administrative advice and operational guidance 
  • Digital marketing advice including website and social media development 

Answer this questionnaire and then set up a call with the club development team to discuss.

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Coach Recruiting and Education

Note: Select LMSCs provide grants, stipends, and scholarships to attend courses and clinics.  

Answer this questionnaire and then set up a call with the club development team for more info or be connected with a mentor. 

Answer the Club Questionnaire


Marketing and Programming

  • Marketing and communication 
    • Locally targeted digital ad campaign created by USMS 
    • Consult with club leadership to create a local marketing strategy through word of mouth, facility, etc.   
    • Try Masters Swimming campaign
    • Guidance on how to implement a strong communication plan for your club 
  • Programming 
    • Stroke Clinic: Support for a stroke clinic attractive to lap swimmers and other nonmembers as an introduction to the club (built into marketing strategy) 
    • Event Development: Guidance on the creation of a club-hosted event to drive growth, fundraising, fun, and community building.  


Grant Program/Financial Support

  • Grants are available to help with growth initiatives (e.g., additional lane rental for added workouts or added capacity, additional coaching, associated costs, etc.)
  • Designed to minimize the financial risk of growth initiatives for club, coach, or facility 
  • May cover up to $500–$1,500 per month of loss specific to effort for up to six (6) months 
  • The typical grant from USMS will be $1,500–$2,000 
  • The maximum grant award of $5,000 (the maximum amount is only available in select LMSCs that provide matching grants)  
  • The grant amount will be determined based on forecasted expenses, details of strategy, marketing resources necessary, etc.   
  • Grant agreement and budget templates are available for review and to get started on planning

Answer this questionnaire and then set up a call with the club development team to discuss specifics. 

Answer the Club Questionnaire


*Clubs, facilities, or coaches interested in any or all of the components of the club development program are encouraged to answer the questionnaire and then set up a call with the club development department to share their background and start the process of building a plan.