USMS Gold Club Designation

USMS Gold Clubs set the standard for providing members with the best Masters Swimming experience possible. This starts with a dedicated, USMS-certified coach on deck. On-deck coaches help swimmers reach their goals by providing technique instruction, structured workouts, encouragement, and ample opportunity to participate in both fun and fitness-based events and competitive events if desired.

Gold Clubs are identified in the USMS Club Finder with priority placement and insignia to let members and potential members know that your club is ready to help them meet their swimming goals. Other benefits include additional marketing support from the National Office, discounts on education courses, and full insurance coverage for USMS-approved activities.

Benefits and Responsibilities of USMS Gold Clubs

Benefits of becoming a USMS Gold Club include the following:
  • Gold Club insignia for display on club’s website or Facebook page
  • Priority placement in the USMS Club Finder and Gold Club insignia
  • Digital ads created for your club 
  • 20 percent off USMS education courses, including coach and ALTS certification (Any discount must be applied at the time of course registration. Please contact club and coach services for assistance.)
  • Full insurance coverage for club, coach, and all swimmers for all approved activities
To achieve and maintain an annual Gold Club designation, a club must meet the following:

Obtaining Gold Club Designation

If your club meets these requirements and you'd like it to be identified as a USMS Gold Club, update your club information with the Gold Club Designation questions completed.

Update your club information and apply today

What if I'm not sure I can meet one or more of these requirements but I want my club to be a Gold Club?

If you’re not sure you meet the requirements or have questions about how to meet them, please email club and coach services or call 941-256-8767 for assistance.

Note: This designation is for registered USMS programs that are providing service at a local pool or dedicated open water venue.