National Office Staff—Meet Jeff Perout

Jeff Perout, Web Developer

Jeff is responsible for several special IT projects and management functions, including network and system administration, technical planning, and other business function design and implementation projects.

Jeff holds a bachelor of engineering degree in materials engineering from Vanderbilt University, a master of science degree in materials science from Northwestern University, and a master’s of business administration in accounting and finance from the University of Chicago. Jeff's background includes information technology management in large, small, and government organizations. He has been in several software development roles throughout his career, developing accounting and finance software for both the PC and large corporate mainframe environments.

He’s been a dedicated Masters swimmer for decades and enjoys any and all water sports. He loves helping both adults and age-groupers to swim faster. His youngest son, Jeb, is a three-time NCAA champion in the 200 backstroke. When not swimming, he enjoys traveling with his wife, Katherine.

U.S. Masters Swimming - 1751 Mound St, Suite 201, Sarasota, FL 34236
Phone: 941-256-USMS (8767) or 800-550-SWIM (7946) toll free. Fax: (941)556-7946
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