Onshalee provides support in planning and logistics for our events and volunteer development and has a hand in executing strategies and communication to provide positive experiences and engagement for members through our events and partnership integration. She also heads up the operational aspects of College Club Swimming.

Onshalee has been involved with swimming throughout her life from summer league to being actively involved with the club swimming & diving team at the University of Colorado, serving as both fundraising officer and president. She became involved with College Club Swimming as a founding member of the advisory board since 2015.

Onshalee has always enjoyed the water and started competing at the age of 9. During a short break from the chlorine in high school, she played and coached competitive volleyball. She fell in love with swimming again when she started coaching a girls high school swim team. She enjoyed sharing the love of the sport with the younger swimmers and seeing the growth and development of the team from year to year.

Outside of the water, Onshalee loves beach and court volleyball, hiking 14ers, and running, and is looking to start doing triathlons.