The swimming community needs to be as strong now as it ever has been. USMS is providing information and resources to help our community stay informed, stay healthy, and stay positive. Let us know what other resources you'd like by sending us an email at Here is a summary of how we have responded so far.


USMS Workouts  

  Weekly Dryland Workouts

These dryland workouts are updated twice a week. You can also go through our collection of dryland articles for more workouts.

Additional Workouts

There are many organizations and members who wish to contribute and give you even more workout options during this time. Note: Each swimmers' workouts are on different personal social media platforms. Their views are his/her own.

Virtual Events

The USMS Board of Directors has recommended LMSCs not sanction traditional format in-person pool meet or open water events through Aug. 31. The Board has formed a subcommittee to closely monitor the evolving situation and develop guidelines for an eventual return of in-person sanctioned events. Virtual events that can be completed in a workout setting (pool or open water) will be the most practical path to ease back into competitions and fitness events. USMS plans to host the following events for members who have access to swim safely:

More Membership Benefits We Offer

  1. SWIMMER magazine is packed with interesting profiles, physiology articles, technique features, history, product reviews, health and nutrition information, and much more. Dust off your stockpile of hard copies or head to your My USMS page and skim through our online catalog dating back to 2005. It will fill that fix when you can't binge-watch TV any more.
  2. Bookmarked an old article on or saved a video on Facebook or YouTube but didn't get a chance to read or watch it? Now is the time to catch up. It will take your mind off of things while providing your cranium with healthy stimulation. Here are a couple great places to start: Dryland | Nutrition
  3. The Race Club is offering two free months of access to its premium content and 20 percent off after that! The Race Club's content is for the technique hungry and will provide hours of visual reinforcement. How do you get access to it? Just input your membership information here and you're off to swim school.
  4. Check out all the other benefits we offer to see what you might have missed.

Community Engagement

  1. Follow the USMS social channels and engage with other people who love the sport. These virtual conversations can help provide a community all across the U.S. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube
  2. Join the USMS Fitness Series Facebook Group. It is a fun community where everyone is striving for the same goals: motivate others and have fun while doing it. You could also join the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation Facebook Group to connect with those who are celebrating new swimmers and their instructors.
  3. Join the USMS forums.

Catch Up on What You've Been Wanting to Do

  1. Connect your My USMS and accounts, so you have access to the latest swim training technology when you can get back in the pool.
  2. Clean out your swim bag and get rid of those old caps and granola bars. Who knows -- maybe you'll even find the medal that went missing. 
  3. Write those thank-you notes to your coaches and teammates that you've been meaning to do. Or you can always FaceTime your new and old swimming friends to check in on them.
  4. Watch or rewatch those old live streaming or event recap videos from USMS Nationals. We have an archive dating back to 2011 on our YouTube channel. 
  5. Fill out the personal goals you want to accomplish when things return to normal, because things will be different and you’ll be ready to seize the day!

Member Communications/Updates