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by Suzi Green

July 1, 2013

Annie Dank is a 33-year-old swimmer who lives in northern Minnesota. She works in billing and accounting at a chiropractic clinic. In her spare time, she likes to visit with family and friends.

Dank swam with a small team starting at the age of 10, and swam with that group through high school. She then attended the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and swam for them for four years. She started her “adult swimming life” four years ago.

She has always loved swimming, and swims for fun, fitness, and training. After some persuasion from her teammates, she started competing in 2010 and realized that it was completely different than any competition she’d done before. Though her first love is swimming, she also enjoys biking and walking and has participated in a handful of sprint triathlons.

Dank swims with the local Masters team at the YMCA three times a week. Her squad has grown into a group of 20 swimmers since she joined. She also swims on her own once or twice more per week, generally averaging 3000 yards each time she swims. She likes a varied practice as long as it doesn’t include IM, and prefers the pool over weeds and fish. She joined GTD because it’s free and you get free stuff. She loves using the FLOG to track her workouts and her goal this year is to swim 300 miles.


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