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The convention in Cincinnati was fantastic! Congratulations to United States Masters Swimming. We officially became a full voting member of United States Aquatic Sports at this convention. I would also like to send a special thanks to Chris Gilligan and all her volunteers who were just wonderful and took care of us the entire time we were there. A full report of the "highlights" at convention appears later in this newsletter. Thank you June Krauser for allowing me to use your "notes" to create this report.

The new year will be here before you know it. The Legislation Committee reviewed the existing LMSC Handbook and have made some suggestions that will result in more information to assist you. Our goal is to get the 1999 handbook into the mail to you by Monday, December 28th. 3 complete sets will be sent to each LMSC, 1 to the Registrar and 2 to the Chairman. The Chairman will keep one set and divide the other and give the appropriate section to the applicable LMSC Officer.

We also hope to get the 1999 Rule Books out to the LMSC Registrars and registered clubs by the first of the year. Remember, it is the LMSC Registrar who receives the "free" Rule Book. If you want to order more for your LMSC, contact me at the National Office.

Well, I see I have run out of room. Don't forget to contact me with your idea for a title for this newsletter!!!

Happy Swimming!


One of the goals of USMS is to improve the maintenance of the LMSC Officer database. Please find enclosed the most up-to-date list I have for your LMSC Officers. Please review. If you have no revisions, great. If you do, please get them to me ASAP. I will continue to send out the current list I have on record with each issue of this quarterly newsletter.

The procedure to keep this information updated is as follows:

The National Registrars receive information from the LMSCs at time of annual registration and during the year. They will then forward the information to me.

As the Executive Secretary, my job is to maintain the primary database. When I receive changes from the National Registrars, I will send confirmation of changes to the LMSC Chairman. I will also send updates quarterly to the LMSC Chairmen & Registrars, National Registrars, each member of the Zone Committee, and Chair of Computer On-Line Committee. I will also send unique lists to appropriate USMS Committee Chairman (e.g. Registration, Officials, etc.)

It is very important that you report all LMSC changes to the National Registrars in a timely fashion, including new officers as well as changes in addresses, contact numbers and e-mail addresses.



LMSC 1999 Registration Forms are due to our National Registars - Diane and Bill Black by Monday, November 30th.


Please send this information to:
9 Wiley Hill Road
Londonderry, NH 03053

Darlynne Ferguson has moved to Orlando, Florida!!! She has given up her responsibilities as the Lake Erie Registrar but will continue to fill the orders for Top Ten Patches. Please note her new address:
4917 Walden Circle
Orlando, FL 32811
Phone: 407-248-2624


The entire USMS Working Calendar is now available on line for your perusal. A number of deadlines are approaching fast in the next few months, so please consult the calendar and be sure to meet our deadlines.


September 30 - October 4, 1998

The USMS convention was held in conjunction with the USAS annual convention. WHAT IS USAS? USAS is the Federation belonging to FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur) governing United States Swimming, Inc.; United States Diving, Inc.; United States Water Polo, Inc.; United States Synchronized Swimming, Inc.; and United States Masters Swimming. USAS officially added USMS to their Articles of Incorporation at this convention. The new President of USAS is Tom Gompf while our Mel Goldstein remains Treasurer.

Following are items of interest from the convention.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - The Executive Committee met numerous times during the convention. This was our first time meeting "face to face" since being elected last year and feel that we have developed a real "team" attitude in working together. The following topics were discussed: convention schedule (setting times for Executive Committee meetings), committee issues, Break- Out groups, Professional Management proposal, Executive Committee members attendance at committee meetings, Rules and Long Distance proposals and issues, contracts, championship meet issues, Executive Secretary evaluation, LMSC By-Laws, and other issues as they arose.

HOUSE OF DELEGATES - A different format was followed this year and the House met 4 different times. At the first meeting the House was broken up into 6 discussion groups. Each group was to work within the theme of "2000 and Beyond: Mastering Our Destiny".

The COMPETITION group was asked the following questions: How can we, as an organization create and inspire more members to participate - regardless of their ability? What "part does competition play? What is competitions role in the big picture? How narrowly do you define competition? The group brainstormed why swimmers "choose not to compete" and what makes competition "more attractive" to swimmers. The group concluded that the coach has a huge influence as to whether a swimmer is competitive and that Coaches, Team(mates) and LMSC's need to "inspire".

The WELLNESS group discussed the meaning of wellness which resulted in the following: Wellness is more than health. It is an overall balance in life. Wellness involves prevention, preparation, planning and priorities. It requires motivation to plan and to change bad habits. The group discussed projects that USMS can do to encourage Wellness and the group agreed that USMS should establish balance through a combined effort of several committees: Sports Medicine (stimulate or collect research on swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle, prepare a section on Wellness and Balance for the Coaches Manual), Coaches Committee (encourage coaches to share Wellness and Balance information with swimmers), Fitness Committee (develop clinics to teach non-swimmers how to swim and spread the word on benefits of swimming and philosophy of wellness), Computer On-Line Committee (links from USMS web page to fitness and wellness pages or list of such pages), USMS could serve as a databank for information and join other organizations in promoting wellness.

The MONEY IN MONEY OUT group's discussion centered on the attitude toward the management and spending of money. Are we too conservative? Are there more things we should be doing in support of members? How can we increase the resources? Is there more we should be doing with our money? The group feels that USMS should encourage the committees to be inventive and creative in developing programs and think "outside the box". It also concluded that USMS, after years of fiscally conservative and responsible financial management is very healthy and all agreed that more money is better than less!

The MEMBERSHIP group's focus was on how to increase membership and retain members. The group came up with a number of ideas including: Lap swimming posters that can be put up in local pools where swimmers can record their yardage and receive awards, LMSC Registrars keep an updated list of workout groups and Editors can print in their newsletter, local clubs sponsor a triathlon team which will bring the triathlete into their clubs, practice with USA team until enough Masters swimmers warrant a separate practice, become politically active and make the various organizations aware of the impact of Masters swimmers. In conclusion, membership increases with new clubs or workout groups, the key is to increase the availability of pool time and coaching.

The COMMUNICATIONS group discussed how USMS should be communicating, who USMS should communicate with, and why USMS should communicate (what message would USMS be communicating?). The general consensus was that USMS should explore the creation of a Communications Committee (proposed that the On-line Computer Committee be expanded). The committee could then devise a communications plan that would establish a communications program with specific goals and work with LMSCs and clubs to help them communicate more effectively. The group brainstormed and came up with the following ideas: electronic newsletter , USMS infomercial, give guidance to locals and establish networks with local media, encourage local groups to establish mentor programs, set up a support network and assistance for local newsletter editors, generate special publications, suggest ideas for human interest stories, create press releases and USMS brochures, encourage coaches and swimmers to serve as Masters "goodwill ambassadors" to USA meets and meetings. The most important message for USMS to convey is the intangible emotional benefit that all of us receive through Masters Swimming. A side benefit of improved communication will be growth of the organization.

The RELATIONSHIPS group examined all organizations that we currently have or could embellish relationships with: Military, Red Cross, Disabled/Paralympics/Special Olympics, Sponsors/corporations, USA Swimming, USA Coaches Association, University P.E. Departments, Heath Clubs, National Senior Sports, International Masters groups, Triathlon, Other Masters sports, President's Council on Physical Fitness, Recreation Departments, Open Water, Media, I.G.L.A., NCAA, AARP, YMCA, ISHOF, JCC, YWCA, USOC, AMA, FINA, Swalk.

The group then discussed the relationship bonds and how to forge them to make them stronger: Membership, Facilities, Financial Support, Credibility/Validity, Masters Identification, Research, Recognition, Acceptability, Sociability, Coaching.


The major work of the organization is done by committees, led by effective committee chairmen. The Executive Committee is appreciative of the major accomplishments of our committees.

CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE - The committee brought 4 bids to the House for the year 2000. SCY was awarded to Phoenix, AZ for May 11-14; and LCM was awarded to Baltimore, MD for Aug 18-21. They endorsed the use of Internet entries for future Nationals; to have results and splits available on the Internet; and to conduct a random survey of Top Ten swimmers regarding Nationals. Santa Clara will use the new Schedule 1 and Minneapolis will have an original 5 day schedule of events.

COACHES COMMITTEE - A list of 420 coaches is now on a National Data Base. They all receive a newsletter "Coaches Committee Quarterly". A copy of this newsletter is in the Coaches section of the USMS website. There were three successful Mentor Coaches Clinics in 1998 and 2 more will take place before the end of the year. There have been 2 Nike Clinics held to date and one more to take place. Next year there will be 6 Pool mentor coaches clinics and 2 Open water clinics; also 8 Nike Champion Stroke Clinics. There were 9 coaches at SC Nationals, 9 coaches at LC nationals and 18 at convention. The Olympic Training Center Camp will take place in Colorado Springs in February of 1999. The goal of this camp is to develop a relationship with the Olympic training center so we can continue to use their equipment and facility. Six representatives from USMS will oversee the camp and twelve swimmers will be able to attend the camp. A committee will evaluate the applicants and this should become an annual event. Congratulations to Ed Nessel who was selected as USMS's Coach of the Year.

COMPUTER ON LINE COMMITTEE - The committee agreed to create a brief set of guidelines for LMSC's to create their own web sites to be included in the 1999 LMSC handbook. The committee will proceed with making on-line entries available for the 1999 SC and LC nationals, with the approval of the Championship, Legal Counsel, and Insurance committees. Very soon they will be creating the following: A sponsors page which will have their logo and a description of services to our members for each sponsor, "Join USMS" page where visitors will be able to access the registration forms for all LMSC's, an on-line bookstore where swimmers will be able to purchase swimming-specific books. Changes to the on line Places To Swim database will be taken over by the Executive Secretary. Many workout databases already exist including the one at, the committee will continue to provide a link to those sites.

CONVENTION COMMITTEE - The chairman of this committee does a great deal of work during the year leading up to convention. Working with the convention representative and the Local Masters Swim Committee the chairman arranges for securing volunteers, getting workout locations and busses. The Chairman is also in contact with members of the Board of Directors concerning their meeting schedules, audio-visual needs and room set up. Once at convention the committee is responsible for it's "smooth sailing" and communicate with members of the Board of Directors and assist wherever needed. The local volunteers make sure the hospitality suite is open and well stocked. It is a meeting place for everyone and the local LMSC did a great job this year and deserve a round of applause! The 1999 Convention will be held in San Diego, CA September 13-19, the 2000 Convention will be held at the Hyatt in Orlando, Oct. 9-15, and in 2001 it will be at the Hyatt in Dearborn, MI Sep 10-16. Remember, USMS usually only meets from Wed - Sun.

FINANCE COMMITTEE - The committee made changes to FOG (Financial Operating Guidelines). Due to our sound fiscal policies, USMS continues to be a financially strong organization. The Controller, Roy Abramowitz has resigned due to health problems. He has done an outstanding job and we all wish him the best. Suzanne Rague is the new controller, effective immediately. The House approved the 1999 budget of $689,190.

FITNESS COMMITTEE - The Fitness committee will continue to focus on serving our current membership. A clear definition was made that we will not focus on marketing to the outside, as that is not our charter. There are two events the Fitness Committee is "sponsoring" this year - the Postal Pentathlon and the Check-off Challenge. The Fitness Package is a packet of fitness articles that is available and has grown over the past year. There will be three "Fitness News Packages" that will be sent to LMSC Editors that will include fitness information that they can use a filler material in their newsletters. There is a column for fitness swimmers in every issue of SWIM called "Focus on Fitness", topics for 1999 are: Jan/Feb - New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting, Mar/Apr - Creative Kicking Sets, May/Jun - Open Water, Jul/Aug - Pace Clock 101, Sep/Oct - Lane Etiquette, Nov/Dec - Check Off Challenge War Stories and New Year Kick-off. Two new projects the committee is working on are: A Fitness Website and USMS 500 Swim.

INSURANCE COMMITTEE - A USMS practice requires 'supervision' (a USMS member or USA Swimming certified coach) for coverage. For a practice/work-out to be an "Insured Activity", there must be a USMS member (or USA Swimming certified coach) on the deck or in the water supervising the practice/workout. All members of the practice MUST have a USMS card - OR - be within their 30 day trail period. It is suggested that "trial" members sign the waiver before practicing. We continue to have a very low number of incidents and claims. We have no coverage for automobile usage. We are going to investigate the possibility of using a similar registration number as USA Swimming. The question was raised as to why do we have to sign the waiver for each meet after signing it for our card. Peak informed the committee that it was not their requirement for every meet. A facility, meet, or host may require a waiver or it may be required if the wording is changed.

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE - The committee recommended to the Rules Committee, the change of age determination date rules change for meters only. A world wide list of contacts for Masters has been prepared and Bill Tingley will prepare the list for publication. A goal for 1999: A sub-committee was formed to compile guidelines that offers assistance and education to an organizing committee preparing to host an International meet, to assure a quality event.

LEGISLATION COMMITTEE- The committee will continue to review USMS committee descriptions and generate proposed, amended descriptions for 1999. The committee reviewed the existing LSMC Handbook and have made recommendation to add the following sections: Convention, LMSC general bylaw information including (criteria, election procedures and suggestions), and LMSC Officer job descriptions. Each LMSC and club shall review the language of the liability release statement to make sure they have the statement correct.

LONG DISTANCE COMMITTEE - To be included in the LD Championship Contract the wording - that unofficial swimmers (e.g. those in wet suits) shall start and finish separately from official swimmers. Guidelines for putting on a cable swim have been added to the manual. The LD web site is looking to have workouts, entry forms and results from Championships. Entries for the three Postal events shall be received on the 10th of the month following the event. The 1999 One Hour Postal entry from will be published in SWIM. The Championships are:

One Hour PostalGreater Indiana MastersJanuary
5/10 K PostalPacific Northwest Assn.May 15 - Sep 30
3/6000 yd PostalRogue Valley MastersSep l - Oct 31
One MI OWGreater Indiana MastersJun 16 or 17Eagle Creek, Indpls., IN
Two MI CableVirginia Masters Swim TeamJul 9Chris Green Lake, Charlottesville, VA
>1 & <3 MI OWMashpee Leisure ServicetbaJohn's Pond, Cape Cod, MA
>3 & <6MI OWChicago MastersSep 11Lake Michigan
>6 MI OWRogue Valley MastersJul 15 or 16

MARKETING COMMITTEE - Current National Sponsors include: Kast-A-Way Swimwear, Speedo, Ultra Swim, NIKE, TYR, MBNA, Mindspring, Earth Link Communications (pre pay phone card), Alamo, Quest, Destinations. We would like to welcome The Victor, who just signed on as our newest National Sponsor. USMS is currently represented with a booth at the National Parks and Recreation Directors - Aquatics Division convention. It was suggested that because of USMSs recognition of the importance of coaches, we should also be represented at the ASCA convention which takes place the week prior. The Public Service Announcements are completed. There are 2 available, 30 seconds and 1 minute 30 seconds. Both can be distributed to your local cable television stations, who will air them at no cost. Teams can acquire a BETA copy for $75 each. Check with your local station for their requirements. The USMS web site is a key USMS marketing tool. The Marketing Committee will now have 6 sub-committees: Development, Brand Marketing, Membership Marketing, USA Swimming Initiatives, Sponsorships, Research & Planning and Convention Report (ad hoc). The purpose of these is to better serve our membership.

OFFICIALS COMMITTEE - The committee will review the certification of those organizations that certify meet officials for USMS meets, they include USA Swimming, YMCA, National High School Federation and San Diego Imperial LMSC. The Sanction form in the LMSC Handbook is to list the one certified official. It was recommended to appoint George Ways of Georgia to the FINA Officials List #3. One member of the Officials Committee is to be at National Championships to advise and observe during the Championship and participated in all Officials meetings. There was a brief discussion of local problems that affect Officials. After lengthy discussion, the USMS Official's Certification Program was tabled.

PLANNING COMMITTEE - The USMS Foundation is now operational with funds of approximately $3,800. The Planning Committee recommends that USMS establish a Sports Drug policy and that the Sports Medicine Committee should develop the specific details of said policy. The committee recommends that the On Line Computer Committee study the issue of changing technology and how it will effect USMS business, particularly in the area of member privacy. The Executive Secretary is to be a repository for any and all information pertaining to the construction and expected operating costs of new aquatic facilities. The purpose is to make this information readily available as a research source to any interested Masters group. The committee also recommends the Coaches Committee expand the "Mentor Program" to include a "road show" extolling the virtues of Masters Swimming to managers of those facilities which are identified as not having a Masters Swimming Program. For those who do not receive a visit, have a package of materials (brochures, articles, "How-to" lists, etc.) available to send and/or receive on line.

RECORDS & TABULATION COMMITTEE - Individual Top Tens are one the web site, Relay Top Ten's will soon be posted. The dates at which Top Ten submissions are due have been changed to avoid conflicts with SWIM Magazines schedule and will also allow us to publish the SCY and SCM books one month earlier. The dates are as follows: submissions for SCY are due on June 30th, LCM are due on October 20th and SCM are due on January 26th. A proposal will be submitted to the Registration Committee to come up with a permanent swimmer ID number. Records listed in the Rule Book will stand for the entire season. A certificate will be awarded to each swimmer breaking the listed SCY National record during the SCY season. (similar to FINA certificates currently awarded in meter courses).

REGISTRATION COMMITTEE - The committee approved a standard format for submitting registration submittals. This format is included in the software produced by Leo Letendre which was approved as the registration "program of choice" among LMSC Registrars. The use of either Leo's program or that format will be required to be used as of November 1, 1999. There was discussion regarding the option of members not being included on mailing lists. It was decided that there would not be a privacy check off box for this purpose but that individuals can request that their name be removed by contacting their local registrar. The donation options on the registration forms for the USMS Foundation and ISHOF raised $3,800 for USMS and $2,700 for ISHOF in 1998. USMS registration forms will soon be on line.

RULE BOOK COMMITTEE - This year 1250 Rule Books will be printed and 600 copies of the mini-rule book. Each club will receive a copy of the rule book and a copy of the mini-rule book. The mini-rule books will also be distributed to the LMSC Officials chairs. The Rule Books will be sold for $8.00, the mini-rule book will be sold for $3.00. The target date for Rule books to be mailed out is December 28th.

RULES COMMITTEE - All changes will be in the 1999 USMS Rule Book. Any changes voted on become effective Jan. 1, 1999. Major changes include: 1. LMSC Top Ten Times must be submitted by: SCY - June 30th, LCM - October 20th and SCM - January 26th. 2. We now have three different seeding methods - Deck seeding - events are seeded at the time of the event with entries received prior to or at the meet; Confirmed seeding - events are seeded after a confirmation (check-in) time; and Pre seeding - events are seeded prior to the day of competition. The age determining date was changed: For SCY, the eligibility of a participant for a particular age group shall be determined by the age as of the last day of the meet; For SCM & LCM, the eligibility of a participant for a particular age group shall be determined by the age as of December 31st of the year of competition. Prior to the swim the intent to record a split time is brought in writing to the attention of the meet referee and... Allow relays at National Championships to be entered up to the day before the relay with no other changes and the relay entry fee for all relays will be $12.

SAFETY EDUCATION COMMITTEE - The committee has had 2 articles published in SWIM and will continue to submit articles relating to Safety Education. A Safety Education section will be written for the LMSC Handbook and a booklet for clubs. We have also developed a sheet of "safety fillers" (included in this newsletter) that can be used by LMSC newsletter editors. The committee is in the process of writing a job description for the LMSC Safety Chair. After discussion, it was decided that we do not need a separate open water safety subcommittee at this time but it would be a good idea to have one person who is a voting member of both Safety Education and Long Distance.

SPORTS MEDICINE COMMITTEE - The committee will forward a statement to FINA's Sports Medicine Committee opposing drug testing in Masters swimming. The committee will decide what medical information it wants to obtain as a research aid, from the athletes attending the Altitude Training Camp. New topics with assignment of authors and dates will be used for publication: Training Energy Systems, Diabetes and Swimming, Hypothermia, Swimming and the Neck, Use of Hydraulic Equipment for Dryland Training, Swimming and Osteoporosis, Arrhythmia in Swimmers, Health Effects of Overtraining. The committee is also in the process of producing a Wellness section for the USMS Coaches Manual.

ZONE COMMITTEE - The list of potential tasks for the zone reps to perform was divided into mandatory and optional tasks. The election procedures for USMS elections in 1999 was set.

AD HOC ISHOF NOMINATING COMMITTEE - A list of nominees for 1999 was presented. Information about the people on the list will be gathered (by Mid November). A vote of the committee (early December). The candidates will be sent to ISHOF (Mid December). For 1999 and after, the time line for USMS is as follows: an announcement will be put in the May/June issue of SWIM and sent to the LMSCs; deadline for submission of candidates will be the end of August; compilation of information; meeting at convention to select nominees; fine tune applications; in mid-December submit nominees to ISHOF. The time line for ISHOF is as follows; 1st week in January selection committee meets to determine who goes on the ballot; end of February to mid-April - ballot goes out; Vote by fax; May - inductees announced; and May (one year later) - induction ceremony.

AD HOC LEGAL COUNSELORS COMMITTEE - The committee discussed philosophical approach of USMS and lawyers' traditional role within the organization. The committee will establish an informal liaison network with other committees so that those committees can take advantage of our lawyers' drafting experience.

AD HOC PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE - The Board of Directors made up this committee and read many faxes pro and con on the subject. After much discussion at the convention, the following was voted favorably by the House of Delegates:

The USMS House of Delegates authorizes the USMS Executive Committee to expand the current USMS national staff by January 1, 2000.

  1. The national staff shall be hired by and report to the Executive Committee and shall not be allowed to make USMS policy.
  2. The initial annual budget for the combined national staff shall not exceed $200,000 (subject to budget approval).
  3. The national staff shall perform such functions as are deemed necessary by the Executive Committee, including that of National Executive Secretary, National Registrar, and Controller.
  4. Additionally, the national staff will provide improved services to USMS members and LMSCs by:
    1. Soliciting and providing liaison support to national sponsors.
    2. Providing assistance to national committees as requested by committee chair or Executive Committee.
    3. Providing assistance to LMSCs as requested by LMSC chair or Executive Committee.
    4. Performing tasks assigned by the USMS Executive Committee.

AD HOC RECOGNITION AND AWARDS COMMITTEE - This committee was constituted to approve and coordinate all USMS major awards. Initially it major task was the Ransom Arthur Award. The USMS Service Award was introduced last year. All USMS awards are to be submitted to this committee for approval. Each Ransom Arthur Award winner receives one vote. This committee is requesting it become a standing committee.

AD HOC ENDOWMENT FUND BOARD OF GOVERNORS MEETING - Approximately $3,500 has been deposited into the Endowment Fund through the check off system as of the end of July. Some LMSC's have not initiated the check off yet. The Board decided that no grants should be considered until the USMS Endowment Fund balance reaches $100,000. USMS is initiating a matching fund challenge upon the following conditions: That USMS would match every $2 contributed to the Endowment Fund with $1 up to a total USMS contribution of $15,000. This will be in effect for the 1999 registration year. The Board distributed brochures to the delegates and will take further steps to promote the existence of the Fund as a vehicle to receive gifts, bequests and contributions, all of which are tax deductible to those who itemize.

The Ballad of Beginner Lane

(with apologies to the Arms Special Forces)
Found in the NC newsletter, written by Peter Busch, Durham YMCA

We breathe water up the nose,
Hit our heads and bruise our toes,
Get muscle cramps and shoulder strains,
We're the men in Beginner Lane.

We may not swim so very fast,
In fact we finish dead last,
But slower times mean longer pain,
For the men in Beginner Lane.

Trained to breathe on either side,
Trained to turn and kick and glide,
Trained to fight the water drain,
The might men in Beginner Lane.

At the wall, a coach awaits,
Our technique was not so great,
She'll bite her tongue and won't complain,
For she knows it's Beginner Lane.

On the day we pass the test,
And keep up with all the rest,
The foolish man who joins that day,
Will see us smile, and hear us say:

You'll breathe water up you nose,
Hit your head and burise your toes,
Get muscle cramps and shoulder strains,
Welcome to Beginner Lane.

Who's Who in Aquatics - 1998

Who's Who in Water Fitness & Aquatic Therapy - 1998

Nominations are now open for Who's Who in Aquatics and Who's Who in Water Fitness & Aquatic Therapy for 1998. The program is designed to identify and recognize the top 100 people involved in water exercise/aquatic therapy leadership in the United States. Only persons actively involved in aquatics may be considered for the honor. For more information, contact John Spannuth at 561-732-9908.


"Committed to Preventing the Aquatic Therapy Professional from Re-creating the Proverbial (Water) Wheel"

On August 10, 1998, the Aquatic Resources Network and Sprint/Rothhammer launched a brand new free Internet resource exclusively for those interested in aquatic therapy. Subscribers to the new discussion listserve may post questions, thoughts, resources, job searches - anything related to aquatic therapy.

For more information about the listserve, contact Marian Poteat at:
Aquatic Resources Network
1092 West Outer Drive
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


June 11-13
University of Minnesota

Masters swimmers are of course very welcome to compete. Meet information will be available after January 1st from USA Swimming Headquarters:
Disability Championships
USA Swimming
Once Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Or call (719) 578-4578 and ask for Mike Unger, Eric Wunderlich or Wendy Ethridge.

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