Streamlines...From the National Office
Fall, 1997
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From the President
Things To Do
USMS Convention Summary
1998 Rule Book
1st World Winter MasterAthlete Games 1998 - ***CANCELLED***
All Time Top Ten
Who Needs Masters Lanes?

From the President...

Before anything else is said, I want to thank each and every one of you for the tremendous roles you have played in the success of this organization. It is due to you, and all the other volunteers like you, that we are able to serve so many swimmers' needs. I am honored to represent you all in the Masters swimming arena.

Welcome to the team! The year ahead is exciting and the new officers and committee chairmen are already getting a head start. Here is the new Board of Directors:

PRESIDENT Nancy Ridout
SECRETARY Betsy Durrant
TREASURER Jeanne Ensign
COACHES Scott Rabalais
CONVENTION Michael Heather
FINANCE Suzanne Rague
FITNESS Mo Chambers
INSURANCE Colleen Driscoll
OFFICIALS Bill Tingley
PLANNING Nancy Miller
RULES Leo Letendre
ZONE Hugh Moore
Ad hoc RECOGNITION & AWARDS Mary Lee Watson
Ad hoc LEGAL COUNSELORS Jeanne Crouse
Ad hoc ISHOF Nancy Ridout
CONTROLLER Roy Abramowitz

Each Chairman has been given a list of people who selected the committee as a first, second, or third choice. The final assignments will include this input and be ready for the Rule Book by November 1st. Additionally, each office and committee chairman has been asked to write down a list of items he or she would like to accomplish over the next year. It is exciting to read what will be achieved by our next convention. Many stimulating ideas have been offered and I am thrilled to be a part of this exceptional group.

To realize these possibilities will take more than ideas. It will take all of us working together - from loyal team members, to LMSC officers and chairs, to USMS convention delegates. Together we can take this organization as far as our vision will extend.

One of the duties each office has accepted is to visit as many LMSC's as possible over the next year to gain insights, ideas, and suggestions as regards our long range plans. Hopefully, your LMSC will invite one of us and/or arrange a meeting when one of us can be with you. Don't worry, if you don't call us, we'll call you!

Again, many thanks for all your efforts! They are truly appreciated!

Nancy Ridout


Because this newsletter goes to the Board of Directors as well as the LMSC Chairmen and Editors, I am listing "all deadlines" from the USMS Working Calendar. Please read this and use as a reminder.

November 1997
  • Editorial material due to USMS SWIM Magazine Editor - Susan Ludwig - for January/February issue.
  • 1998 registration year begins for new members.
  • Rule Book Appendix E (USMS Committee lists and addresses) due to Rule Book Editor - Meg Smath.
  • National records due to Rule Book Editor - Meg Smath.
  • Final proofreading of Rule Book due to Rule Book Editor - Meg Smath.
  • LMSC Registrars submission deadline to USMS National Registrars - Bill and Diane Black.
  • All camera-ready copy and artwork due to Rule Book Printer - Gateway Printing.
  • LMSC 1998 registration forms due to National Registrar.
  • Finance Committee Chair sends FOG and USMS budget for the coming year to all cost center heads.
December 1997
  • LMSC Registrars submission deadline to USMS National Registrars - Bill and Diane Black.
  • End of Short Course Meter season.
  • End of 1997 Fiscal and Registration years.
  • Committee Chairs queried on 1998 Convention meeting requirements.
January 1998
  • Editorial material to to USMS SWIM Magazine Editor - Susan Ludwig - for March/Arpil issue.
  • Long Distance All American listing due from Long Distance Chair - Sally Dillon - to USMS SWIM Magazine Editor - Susan Ludwig.
  • Coaches' Committee sends National Office, LMSC, and USMS SWIM Magazine Editor notice regarding USMS "Coach of the Year" nominations.
  • Signed contracts for Long Distance national events due to Long Distance Chair - Sally Dillon.
  • First mailing of 1998 Rule Books.
  • LMSC Registrars submission deadline to USMS National Registrars - Bill and Diane Black.
  • Room set-up requirements for 1998 due from Committee Chairs to Convention Chairman - Michael Heather.
  • Fitness 500 Postal Event (all year) - Bill Black - 800-550-7946.
  • Pre-bid packets sent to interested bidders for USMS 2000 SCY & LCM Championships.
  • USMS Secretary - Betsy Durrant - notifies LMSC's of delegate entitlements for 1998 Convention.
  • Solicitation of information for Long Distance Calendar.



Each LMSC shall comply with the financial record keeping and reporting requirements of USMS. The LMSC shall forward to the USMS National Office the minutes of the annual meeting and annual financial reports within four months of the end of the LMSC's fiscal year (April 30th).

This announcement has been made in the Winter, Spring Summer and now Fall issues of NYCU and a letter was sent in June to the Chairmen of the delinquent LMSC's. Following is a list of the LMSC's that the National Office still has not received reports from:

Annual Meeting Minutes
Alaska, Allegheny Mountain, Central, Gulf, Iowa, Maryland, Midwestern, Missouri Valley, New Jersey, North Texas, Oklahoma, Snake River, South Carolina, South Dakota

1996 Financials
Iowa, Midwestern, Missouri Valley, New Jersey, SPMA

Is your LMSC listed above? If so, get this information into the National Office ASAP! If there is a problem, please let me know. We are almost into 1998!!!

USMS 1997 Convention

Burlingame, California
September 24 - 27, 1997

The following is a synopsis of the committee reports from the USMS Convention, written by June Krauser and published in the October - December Dixie Zone News. Thank you June for writing the summary and giving me permission to use it here!

ZONE REPRESENTATIVE ELECTIONS - Colonies - Lynn Hazelwood; Oceana - Richard Smith; Dixie - June Krauser; Northwest - Dave Radcliff; Southwest - Bonnie Adair; Breadbasket - Leo Letendre; Great Lakes - Skip Thompson; and South Central - Kris Wigenroth.

CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE - A different schedule of events will be held at the 1998 LC National Championships to be held at the ISHOF pool in Ft. Lauderdale. The bids awarded for 1999 are SC at Santa Clara in May for a four day meet within May 13-17. The LC meet will be held a the U of Minnesota on August 19-23. Also noted elsewhere in these minutes was the fact that the 1999 Senior Games will be held in Orlando, FL.

COACHES COMMITTEE - Coach of the Year - The committee encourages each LMSC to select a Coach of the Year and forward it to the USMS Selection committee by the July 15th deadline. This years Coach of the Year is... BONNIE ADAIR. Congratulations Bonnie!!! The On-Deck Coaching program continues to run with success at SC and LC Nationals and the USAS Convention. Coaches are encouraged to look at the resources that are available through the Book and Video Library. Five Mentor Coach & Swimmer Clinics have been conducted or scheduled for 1997. The coaches Committee would like to see a Mentor Swimmer clinic in each zone. Applications for 1998 Clinics are now being accepted. Each clinic receives $500 seed money to offset clinic expenses including the travel for the guest Mentor Coach. The responsibility of the processing of requests for the USMS/MACA/ASCA Coaches Manual, including copying, collating and mailing will be taken on by the National Office. The price (now at $20) will be reset to account for increases in production and mailing costs. The committee will send a recommendation to the Executive Committee to pursue credit card functionality in the National Office on the USMS Web Site. This could be utilized in the purchasing of the Coaches manuals and other projects in the future. Paul Windrath will now be the new custodian of the two USMS Black and White Snoopers owned by USMS that are currently stored at Zoomers. The committee will attempt to send out two mailings to USMS Coaches, including information on projects in progress by the committee. MACA is currently looking for a new Newsletter Editor, for more information contact Brian Stack, President or Mo Chambers, Editor.

CONVENTION COMMITTEE - We had 194 delegates registered for the convention this year. It is felt that ALL delegates be required to attend the orientation meeting on Wednesday evening.

FINANCE COMMITTEE - USMS finished 1996 with an excess of income over expenses of about $50,000, which was in large part a product of membership additions. The 1998 Budget - $658,500 was approved. Any invoices will now be directed to the Executive Secretary at the National Office, who will confirm the order with the cost center head and then immediately forward the invoice to the Controller for payment.

FITNESS COMMITTEE - Upcoming fitness events for 1998 will be Postal Pentathlon and the 1998 Checkoff Challenge. Crawfish Masters is the recipient of the 1997 Fitness Program Award. The committee is working on an LMSC Fitness Chair Guide which will provide information to LMSC's on various aspects of fitness swimming. Fitness articles are available on disk or as hard copies.

INSURANCE COMMITTEE - Our loss experience continues to be excellent. There will be no additional fees this coming year for insurance coverage. It was suggested that an article be placed in SWIM Magazine to better inform our members of Safety Education for future prevention of accidents.

INTERNATIONAL - At the FINA congress in Casablanca the US will propose the following rule: When using the breaststroke/whip kick during butterfly, the swimmer shall alternate one arm pull and one kick throughout the race. Also, we will ask that the 400 Freestyle Relays (Women's, Men's, Mixed), the 400 Medley Relays (Women's, Men's, Mixed) be recognized as official Masters Swimming events.

LEGISLATION COMMITTEE - Passed legislation to elect the Zone Chairman in even numbered years instead of with the other officers in odd numbered years. The Safety Education committee was made a standing committee. Fitness events shall be sanctioned or performed in an organized/supervised practice and the participants must be USMS registered. The On-Line Computer committee was also made a standing committee.

LONG DISTANCE COMMITTEE - The following National Championships were accepted for 1999:
5/10 K Postal Swim - Pacific Northwest LMSC
3000/6000 Postal Swim - Florida Maverick Masters
One Mile Open Water Swim - Seal Beach Swim Club
Two Mile Cable Swim - Virginia Masters Swim Team
>1 & <3 Mile Open Water Swim - Ohio Masters Swim Club
>3 & <6 Mile Open Water Swim - Southern California Aquatic Masters
>6 Mile Open Water Swim - Southern California Aquatic Masters

MARKETING COMMITTEE - USMS has the following sponsors: MBNA USMS Master Card, USMS PrePay Phone Card, Competitor Swim Products, Kast-A-Way, Powerbar, Pfizer, Ultra Swim, Alamo Rental Car, and Quest International. Again in January there will be a Sponsor Value insert to SWIM Magazine.

OFFICIALS COMMITTEE - We need to utilize the resources of the LSC's that do allow apprenticeship at our meets and work with those that don't to convince them to start allowing apprenticeship. The most common disqualifications based on three large meets were early takeoffs on relays, followed by regular false starts.

ON-LINE COMPUTER COMMITTEE - Take a look at our website ( to see the work this committee has done. Approximately 200 people view the USMS "home" page per day. The most popular sections of our web site continue to be the results of our national championships, the calendar of events, the places to swim pages, and the training articles. There are currently 292 personal e-mail aliases set up for members representing 47 LMSC's. 30 of our LMSC's currently have their own web sites on the Internet. Our affinity marketing agreement with Mindspring is now in place. with this agreement, USMS receives a 20 MB web site and three dialup accounts for free (a value of $2,170.20 per year). In addition, USMS will receive a $10 affinity payment per member that signs up for Mindspring dialup services through USMS. The committee is researching the feasibility of providing on line member registration and national championship registration in the up coming year. Congratulations on becoming a standing committee.

PLANNING COMMITTEE - Since Bill Black started keeping records on our growth, we have shown a steady increase. Stan Prazer reported on a USMS Commemorative Stamp that was sponsored by congressman Phil English in the House of Representatives (House Bill #155) entitled "The Masters Swimming Commemorative Stamp Act". It is requested that you contact your Representative and ask that he/she support this bill. The House of Delegates voted to continue its progress toward hiring an Executive Director/Business Manager.

RECORDS/TABULATIONS COMMITTEE - There are still too many "NV" (not verified as a record) swims making it to the final copy of the Top 10. The continuing problem of missing the deadline with complete and accurate Top 10 information was discussed. The following guide would be helpful:


1) Enter the meet with your name as it appears on your USMS Registration card.
2) Check meet results for correct swims and times.

Meet Lane Timer
1) Check the name of the swimmer including the lead off swimmer on relays for correct splits.

Meet Director
1) Make sure only properly registered swimmers are allowed to swim.
2) Make sure the swimmer has entered with their name as it appears on the USMS Registration card.
3) Submit meet results on time and in the proper format to the LMSC Top 10 Tabulator.
4) Submit Record Applications on time with complete documentation.
5) Save all meet timing tapes/cards for at least one year.

Sanctions Chairman
1) Inform LMSC Records/Top 10 Tabulator of all Sanctioned and Recognized meets.

LMSC Records/Top 10 Tabulator
1) Remove all non-registered and foreign swimmers from the results.
2) Compile and submit on time all Records/Top 10 tabulations to the USMS Records/Top 10 Chairman

LMSC Registration Chairman
1) Assist Meet Director and LMSC Records/Top 10 person in making sure only USMS registered swimmers are allowed to swim.

LMSC Chairman
1) Check with Records/Top 10 Chairman on progress as deadlines approach.

REGISTRATION COMMITTEE - A person may have only one USMS registration, but there is nothing to prevent a foreign swimmer from holding a USMS registration and a membership in his/her country. It was suggested that the LMSC should have a form to cover the 30 day try out period for a swimmer. It can consist of the USMS waiver titled as a 30 Day Try Out form with a place for the swimmer to sign and date. The 1998 registration forms will have a check off box for the swimmer to add a donation of $1.00 to both the USMS Foundation (when it is operating) and the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

RULE BOOK COMMITTEE - The committee chose a design submitted by Michael Martin of Wildwood Crest, NJ. The 1998 Rule Book will be dedicated to all the USMS All-American swimmers from 1973 to the present. A memorial will also be printed for Tom Lane, Masters Swimming's first 100+ swimmer. Action Item - to research printing a mini-rule book, to be published in addition to the standard rule book which would contain only the parts of the rule book necessary for running a swim meet.

RULES COMMITTEE - There was only one rule submitted that the committee thought was emergency and it passed. It was to add that the backstroke start may be used in freestyle events. Also, a document described as "Instructions for Submission of Proposed Amendments" will be made available to the LMSCs.

SAFETY EDUCATION COMMITTEE - A sub-committee was appointed to study and make recommendations regarding swim practice safety guidelines for possible inclusion in the LMSC Handbook. Safety Education Articles on topics such as hypothermia, hypethermia, wave conditions and water pollution should be submitted for publication in SWIM Magazine. The committee recommended that each LMSC insure a Safety Coordinator is appointed. Congratulations on becoming a standing committee.

SPORTS MEDICINE COMMITTEE - The system for submitting articles for SWIM Magazine has worked very well and the submissions were actually ahead of schedule. There lectures on Overtraining and Biomechanics of Drag in Swimming give at the convention. The committee proposes that a member from this committee be included as an active member of the foundation committee, which at this point in time is a part of the Planning committee. The First Masters Training Camp was a "positive experience" at the Colorado Springs training center had 17 swimmers and was coached by Judy Bonning. Once the program is running smoothly the idea is to bring it to other locations throughout the country. The committee would like the complete, uncut articles, including references which now appear in SWIM to appear on the USMS web page with a disclaimer. It was felt that it was important to reach out and educate others about our sport through information dissemination.

ZONE COMMITTEE - Several zones collect funds to cover a portion of the expensed of either a delegate from a small/underfunded LMSC or the chairman of the zone. Several collect 25 cents per registration for this fund. Most zones have championship meets in all three courses.

AD HOC RECOGNITION & AWARDS - For the Ransom J. Arthur Award there will be allowed one nominating letter and one supporting letter for each nominee.

FACILITATOR FORUM - David Hefner was brought in for this forum. Dave feels strongly that no organization can succeed by trying to be all things to all members; to solidify membership, USMS must be superior in one dimension and at least parity in the other two. The three dimensions were: "product leadership", "operational excellence", and "member intimacy". His "pick" was the track of "member intimacy", complete with customized services, personalized communications, etc. - "one-stop shopping", if you will - whereby USMS would deal with its memberships as if they are members for life. Growth is a by-product of good promotion of USMS; the fact that we feel good about ourselves when we climb out of the water is what we have to sell.


You should have received your registration packet from the National Registrars - Diane and Bill Black. Please be sure to fill out your paperwork, including the LMSC Annual Registration Form for 1998 and send it in before the November 30th deadline. This information is used to produce the LMSC Officer pages for the LMSC Handbook that is scheduled to be sent to you before the end of the year. If your LMSC does not have elections until after November 30th, send in your current officer list. The Blacks will be sending out revision pages in April that will include any updates and corrections. If it's not too much trouble, would you send or fax me a copy of your officer list too, please?

Also, if your LMSC newsletter does not include your registration form, would you please send me one at the National Office. Often I receive phone calls for people who want to register and it would help to have one on file.


The cost of the 1998 Rule Book has been increased to $8 to cover the cost of making sure it gets to you. We will be sending it by first class mail (rather than book rate) in a Tyvek envelope.

If you are ordering 25-49 1998 Rule Books, the cost is $7 per book. If you are ordering over 50, the cost is $6 per book.

Remember ~ The complementary Rule Books go to:
Board of Directors - Executive Committee, Committee Chairs and Special Assignments
Committees - Members of the Legislation, Long Distance , Rules and Rule Book Committees
LMSC - Registrar, Officials Chair and President/Contact person from each registered club.


The following are corrections and updates that have been received by the National Office. Please make note in the listed publications.

1997 Rule Book, Page 115, Appendix C
USMS National Championship Meets
1998 Short Course Championships
Contact: Sharon Wise, 317-247-7129 (not 274)

1997 USMS Directory
Sandy Cattarin, Registrar for Gulf - area code changed to 281

1st World Winter MasterAthlete Games 1998
Ottawa, Ontario

UPDATE: The Masters Swimming portion of these games has been cancelled due to the fact that the organizing group could not meet the standards for the Ontario Masters to give them sanction. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This January will see upwards of eight thousand MasterAthletes in Ottawa and surrounding areas for the 1st World Winter MasterAthlete Games, a premier Olympic-style event. Men and women will compete in about 30 sports, swimming included, from January 23rd until the 1st of February.

MasterAthletes are citizen competitors, not necessarily elite athletes, who compete for the continued enjoyment of their sport. Women over 30 and men over 35 are eligible. there are 5 year age groupings as well, depending on the particular sport, so that competitors of similar levels go against one another.

There will be an outstanding array of social events also. The world's largest skating party, a gala dinner, a trade fair and exhibition, seminars, and individual event parties are all part of the games.

Swimming events will be held from Wendesday January 28th to Saturday January 31st. Competitions will be hosted by the Nepean Sportsplex and the University of Ottawa.

For an entry booklet or more information, write:

1st World Winter MasterAthlete Games
Ottawa City Hall
Rideau Pavilion, Level 1
P.O. Box 1998, 111 Sussex Drive
K1N 5A1


For those of you who do not know (I just found out myself), there is a USMS ALL TIME TOP TEN publication available for all three courses.

The cost is $4 for one course, $3 for the second or $10 for all three.

If you are interested in ordering, make check payable to Suzanne Rague and send to her at:

935 NW 170th Place
Beaverton, OR 97006-4831

Stanley Heinricher

There are a number of us who have children who swim and/or don't have Masters programs available to us and I thought it would be nice to share this "e-mail correspondence" with you. Stanley was one of our officials at the LC Nationals in Orlando and he is also a Masters swimmer from Titusville, Florida.

When I first heard of Masters swimming and then saw magazines picturing adults together in the pool, they looked like "old kids" to me. So I asked myself the question... "Who needs Masters lanes?"

An then kept asking questions, such as...

Does our family suffer from the terminal dullness of the 1990's as evidenced by:
- Not enough quality time with our kids because we're spending hours watching them swim?
- Too much time spent correcting the kid's manners, diction, and dress?
- No time for adult friends because we're busy with the above?

Until recently, my family, like so many with age-group swimmers, bored ourselves - possibly beyond the norm. But lately we've enlivened our communal life by tossing me into the pool as a Masters swimmer.

I couldn't swim alongside other middle-aged people because our team didn't have a Masters program. Instead, I simply hopped into lane 2 with the 8-year-old beginners. That's how I discovered the great advantages to non-age-segregated swimming.

Here are four good reasons why, if you don't have a Masters' club in town, you should hop in with your kids and their friends:

  1. Identical schedules for family members. Every swim afternoon, you and your kids are within 25 yards of one another for 2 hours. Frequently, especially during freestyle, you see them over there in lane 6, passing you by. You can overhear their conversation between sets and discover what they talk about with their lane mates. Soon comes the evening meal and even more family togetherness.
  2. Worthy topics for Table Talk. Each member of your family will be delighted to share their impressions of the swim workout at the dinner table. You will once again wonder at your kids' endurance and won't ever lecture them about breathing off the wall. You'll also admire aloud the coach's technical expertise, his wisdom, and why he disappears from the deck when you're doing your toughest set. My kids especially appreciate this talk when they can't answer the question "What did you learn in school today?"
  3. Fellowship with other swimmers. There's no excuse for strangers on the pool deck or in the pool. A sure bridge to fellowship is called Misery Bonding, which is based on the principle that pain is a sure revealer of our common humanity. Misery Boding, as all boot-camp soldiers and medical interns know, leave an indelible impression. When you're in lane 2 with 8-year-olds, the age difference melts away as you suffer together to make a dozen 50's on the 1:30. You'll discover a sense of togetherness with all hard-working swimmers on your team.
  4. Insight into the psyche of other swimmers. People sometimes blurt out the strangest or most revealing things when their brain is starved for oxygen. Over the past several months I have heard:
    • "Do you really have to leave the pool to micturate?"
    • "Meet my father" (this is from out-of-breath Master swimmer X as he introduces his son to Master swimmer Y)
    • "I used to be a solipsist, but I switched because I met no one else like me."

These utterances, from the mouths of adult swimmers spread out around the pool, confirm that you're associating with people more colorful than you know them to be in business dress. What they say provides even more Table Talk for your family.

A word to parents who wear business dress to the dinner table: Put on a swim suit and jump into the lane with kids in it. You'll have so much fun before and after practice that you'll no longer care about making your children model you. You'll be taking after them.


Tracy Grilli has a new e-mail address

Please make the following change in your e-mail address book. As of December 31st I will no longer be able to be reached at

My new e-mail address is:

I can also be reached at my official alias:

Thank you for making this change. I don't want to miss any mail!


Please make sure the National Office is on your newsletter mailing list. Your newsletters are a wealth of information, that I use to assist callers and keep current with what is going on in your LMSC. Many calls that come in to the National Office are from swimmers looking for contact people, meet and workout information. I can't tell them how great your program is if I don't know. Send me your newsletter and I will pass the word on.


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