1. Existing clubs and workout groups must re-register each year before any member can register for the current year with the club. Clubs may register starting in October and must be registered before their workout groups (if they have any) can register. Clubs and workout groups must be registered by November 1 of each year so new members can register online with that club.  The National Office will send electronic renewal notices, which contain customized renewal links, to each club or workout group that was registered during the previous year.  Memberships may be renewed online with a credit card. 

  2. If the club is unable to renew online, it should complete a Club Membership Application (suggested form is in the USMS Guide to Operations online) and return it to the LMSC membership coordinator with a check made out to the LMSC.  Once the club registration form and check is received, the LMSC membership coordinator should enter it for the new year as soon as possible and by November 1.

    NOTE:  A club must be registered before individual members can be registered with that club.  If a member wishes to compete but his/her club has not yet registered, the registration must be submitted as “unattached.”   The On Line Registration System will not list the club for the current year unless it has been registered by the membership coordinator via the Registration Software.

  3. New clubs or workout groups may register online at any time. A new group may also register by paper application as described above.

  4. A club’s number as listed in the USMS database is XXY-ZZZ
       XX=LMSC number,
       Y=Last digit of the year
       ZZZ=Club number
       Example: Club XYZ had the number XX7-015 in 2007. Club XYZ will have the number XX8-015 in 2008.

    NOTE: This numbering system does not show up on a member’s card.  The card has the Club number--Club Abbreviation.

  5. Clubs maintain the same number and letter abbreviations from year to year. If a club goes “dormant,” its number should NOT be reassigned to a different club.  If the club “resurfaces” and re-registers at a later date, it should be reassigned its original club number.  (NOTE: This is intended to aid the processing of Top Ten.)

  6. Club Abbreviations:  The 2- to 5-character club abbreviation (as of 2019), once verified by the LMSC membership coordinator as being available, must be maintained throughout the registration year.  Abbreviations not used in the previous three years are "released" and available for another club to use. 
    If a program wishes to change their abbreviation they will need to first confirm the abbreviation is  available, and if so register as a new program.This insures that historical entries are preserved and kept intact, and you receive the club abbreviation of your choosing. 

  7. Update changes to club contacts throughout the year in the registration software.