2020 National Registration Fees

  • Club Registration - $45.00
  • Workout Group Registration - $45.00
  • Individual Membership (Nov. 1, 2019 - May 25, 2020) - $45.00
  • Year-Plus Membership (May 26 - Oct. 31, 2020) - $60.00
  • One-Event Membership (OEVT) - $15.00
  • Transfer Fee - $0.00

Instructions for Membership Coordinators:

  1. The club registration fee (fee to register a club for the 2020 year) is $45.00. 

  2. The workout group registration fee (fee to register a workout group for the 2020 year) is $45.00.

  3. For members registering from November 1, 2019 to May 25, 2020, the fee payable to USMS is $45.00.  The member’s registration expires on December 31, 2020.

  4. As part of our COVID-19 relief strategy, members registering (for 2020) from May 26, 2020, to October 31, 2020, will be presented with the "Year-Plus" membership option only. This means that anyone joining USMS on or after May 26, 2020 will receive the Year-Plus membership option which offers membership for the remainder of 2020 for free and all of 2021 for $60. The Year-Plus membership expires on December 31, 2021. (In November, the 2021 registration period begins and beginning November 1 the only membership option will be to join for the 2021 membership year)

  5. For members registering for one event, the 2020 fee payable to USMS is $15.00. (LMSCs are not required to offer one-event registration.) Members or membership coordinators do not have access to perform this task via the registration software.

  6. For members wishing to convert from a one-event registration to a full membership, contact Volunteer Services.

  7. For members transferring membership from one club to another, there is no fee payable to USMS.  LMSCs are permitted to charge a transfer fee if they desire.  Members cannot transfer online. The membership coordinator for the LMSC into which the member is transferring, must complete this conversion via the registration software.

LMSC Registration:

  1. Submit a list of your current LMSC officers to the National Office (Volunteer@usmastersswimming.org) by December 31st of each year.  Updates should also be sent to the National Office any time you have new officers. 

  2. The official name and number of each LMSC is listed in the USMS Rule Book, and should be used in contacts with members and the National Office. Only the House of Delegates has the authority to change the name of an LMSC.