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March 30, 2010

Exclusive Information and Content

  • Subscription to the bi-monthly member publication SWIMMER magazine
  • Subscription to the monthly member e-newsletter STREAMLINES
  • Opportunity to receive the monthly coaches e-newsletter STREAMLINES for Coaches
  • Opportunity to create your own blog on with MyUSMS
  • Opportunity to share your photo album with the swimming community on the
  • Opportunity to create a personal email forwarding address to identify yourself as a member of our aquatic community
  • Opportunity to track your fitness activities via the online fitness logs
  • Opportunity to rent instructional videos from the USMS video library

Fitness / Participation /Competition Programs


  • Exclusive access to workouts provided by select USMS coaches on
  • Access to coached workout programs in your area
  • Access to local Masters clubs and workout groups that provide coached workouts all across the country when you are traveling
  • Opportunity to receive support including visits from USMS Club & Coach Services coaches in developing your program
  • Recognition and Awards
  • Tracking and archiving your event results on
  • Recognition and awards if you achieve Top 10 or All American status
  • Insurance
  • $25,000 of excess accident insurance for both medical and dental while participating in USMS insured activities
  • $5,000 of accidental death insurance while participating in USMS insured activities
  • Up to $650 of temporary disability insurance while participating in USMS insured activities
  • Liability insurance for USMS member programs while participating in USMS insured activities

Volunteer Opportunities


  • Opportunity to access available grants for your local club development through the USMS Endowment Fund

Sponsors Discounts