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USMS.org E-Mail Alias Request

E-Mail Aliases in the usms.org domain are available for free to all registered USMS members. Please fill out the form below and click on the Submit Request button. You may request more than one alias by submitting multiple requests, but please don't go overboard with 10 requests. E-Mail addresses are not case sensitive, although you may choose to use mixed case in your E-Mail Reply-To field to make your address more readable (e.g. JoeSwimmer@usms.org). Please choose an alias that somehow identifies you (avoid swim@usms.org, swimmer@usms.org, coach@usms.org, etc. as these aliases could describe any one of our 42,000 members, although JoeSwimmerSwims@usms.org or CoachSwimmer@usms.org would be fine). All fields in the form must be filled in (including your current USMS registration number), and please indicate whether this is a request for a new alias or a request to change some information pertaining to an existing alias. Also, please indicate if you would like your alias to appear in our On Line Member Directory.

Rules for Aliases:
No spaces are allowed in an alias, and the only punctuation allowed are the underscore character or a period.

Examples of acceptable aliases:

Examples of unacceptable aliases:
JoeSwimmer@NY@usms.org - @ character not allowed.
Joe Swimmer@usms.org - spaces not allowed.

First Name:

Last Name:


USMS Registration #:
*This MUST be a valid USMS registration number. If not, your request will not be processed.
E-Mail Address:

(full address e.g. yourname@domain.com)
Requested Alias:
Public Listing?:
Yes    No
Select "Yes" to have your new alias listed in the public on line USMS member directory
Request Type:
New request    Change an existing alias
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