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All Meets2017 Meets2016 Meets
Meets with results5,056338496
Total meet participants495,01829,81539,845
Unique USMS member participants77,49713,61816,847
Splashes (swims in meets)2,157,064133,214174,270
Splits recorded5,904,920386,259513,914

Latest Meets Added to Database

Date AddedLMSCCourseMeet DateMeet
Sep 18FGLCMJul 12-14, 201720th Maccabiah Games for Masters
Sep 15FGLCMAug 26, 2017Coral Springs Last Chance LCM Meet
Sep 10WILCMAug 2-6, 20172017 USA US Open Championship WI Swimmer only
Sep 10SOLCMJul 29-30, 2017Southern Masters Swimming Championships Long Course Meters--July 29-30, 2017
Sep 10WILCMJul 29, 20172017 USA Phillips 66 Natl Champs and World Champ Trials TT
Sep 10WILCMJul 7-9, 20172017 USA-Western Great Lakes Open
Sep 10WILCMJun 9-11, 20172017 USA-Wis Shorewood LC Summer Meet
Sep 8LCMJul 12-14, 201720th Maccabiah Games for Masters

Recent Meets With Missing Uploaded Results

Meet DateLMSCCourseMeet
Sep 17, 2017SPSCMlifetime fitness masters invite
Sep 17, 2017FLLCMTail's End LCM Masters Swim Meet
Sep 16, 2017MVSCY2017 Kansas Senior Games
Sep 16, 2017PVSCY2017 Maryland Senior Olympics Swim Meet
Sep 16, 2017FLSCYMarlin Masters Fall Splash
Sep 16, 2017PCSCYSTAS/ARM Fall Time Trial
Sep 9, 2017NCSCY12th Annual Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet 2017
Sep 9, 2017HISCYMaui Summer Fun Pentathlon
Sep 9, 2017GASCYSouthSide Pentathlon Swim Meet
Sep 2, 2017MVSCMPlatte City Pentathlon - 2017
Sep 2, 2017CTLCMThe Beth Calabotta Swim Challenge - Cheshire, CT
Sep 2, 2017IASCYThe Beth Calabotta Swim Challenge - Davenport
Aug 18-20, 2017SCSCY4th Annual Growler Invitational
Aug 14-20, 2017LCM2017 FINA World Masters Championships
Aug 18-19, 2017INLCM12-hour overnight marathon swim
Jul 22, 2017NDLCM2017 Walleye Invite
Jul 16, 2017NBSCYCornhusker State Games - Short Course Master's Swim Meet
Jul 14-16, 2017MVLCMBerzerker 4-State Splash
Jun 24-25, 2017SRSCMElko High Altitude Invitational
Jun 24, 2017SELCMTNAQ Masters June Invitational
Jun 17, 2017ORSCYOregon Senior Games
Jun 10, 2017PCSCYSonoma Wine Country Games Swim Meet
Jun 4, 2017STLCMWaterloo Long Course Classic
Jun 4, 2017STLCMWaterloo Long Course Classic (Closed Meet)
Jun 3-4, 2017HILCM2017 Oceania Zone Masters LCM Championship
May 21, 2017NMLCM2017 Duke Memorial Invite
May 20-21, 2017ORLCMLake Juniper Clinic & Buoy Swim
May 12, 2017SPSCMGreen Valley Life Time Masters Invite
Apr 1, 2017HILCMMaui Spring LCM Swim Meet
Nov 5, 2016LCMOttermania at Watermania
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