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December 31, 2010

New member communications pathways

As we gear up for Long Course Nationals in Indy this week, we want to recap some of the ways we are trying to stay in touch. Many of you have already discovered the popular email newsletters, one for members and another designed specifically for coaches. If you are not receiving the newsletters and would like to, simply use the subscribe button on the upper right of our homepage at and follow the brief instructions. You will have the opportunity to subscribe to either or both newsletters. As always, it is easy to unsubscribe by following the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

We also like to keep you updated with feature articles about our members right here on the homepage. Look for those to change weekly. We would love to hear from you if you have a special story and photo to share with your USMS teammates, please email us at You can also search our Features Archives for stories we have already run. There will be some organizational changes to the website in 2010, which will make finding articles and feature stories much easier.

New to the communications lineup is our Twitter account. Twitter is a micro-blogging site that will allow members to receive breaking news from the national office. Similar to “friending” a person on Facebook, members can choose to “follow” a person or organization on Twitter. To subscribe, simply click on the Twitter logo on the right side of our homepage at There you will have the opportunity to sign in to Twitter or create a new Twitter account. If you desire, you can also have “tweets” sent directly to your smartphone. We plan on tweeting during our championship meets and events, and any other opportunities we have to share relevant information with our members.


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