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December 31, 2009

Great offers for great swimmers

In 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming expanded its partner portfolio to bring more value to the membership. InfoArmor, U.S. Masters Swimming's newest addition, has teamed up with Kiefer and Kast-A-Way, staples in the swimming industry, to offer a fantastic promotion that will increase your well-being, both in and out of the water. The first 200 U.S. Masters Swimming members to register for InfoArmor services will receive a $25 gift certificate to Kiefer or Kast-A-Way!

"We are thrilled to provide this promotion to the members and we are making strides in activating various sponsors within our team," said Executive Director Rob Butcher. "This promotion is the first of its kind for U.S. Masters Swimming where we've been able to bring together partners and reward incentives of value to the members."

Though InfoArmor is just getting its feet wet (pun intended), the InfoArmor team understands U.S. Masters Swimming and the priorities of its members. "InfoArmor is committed to reducing the high costs (time and money) of identity theft. We know the last thing anyone wants to do with their free time is deal with the hassles of a stolen identity. In the case of U.S. Masters Swimming, that means helping members do what they love, swimming," said a representative from InfoArmor.

"InfoArmor delivers unparalleled identity theft protection to consumers. With nine million Americans being victimized last year alone, the company is committed to offering best-in-class identity protection," according to Jacqueline Thompson of InfoArmor. As we evolve into a community that uses the Internet for everything from purchasing airline tickets to registering for swim meets, U.S. Masters Swimming trusts InfoArmor to keep its members safe. 

When presented with the partnership idea, both Kiefer and Kast-A-Way were quick to sign up and serve their U.S. Masters Swimming friends even better. "Kiefer takes pride in serving U.S. Masters Swimming members, providing aquatic supplies from technical suits to training gear and pool accessories to dry land equipment. Our company was founded and is still run by Masters swimmers who are actively involved and compete in the sport. Swimming is not just our job, it's our passion," shared Robin Kiefer.

So, how do you take advantage of this offer?
Simply visit and register for InfoArmor services at the exclusive U.S. Masters Swimming discounted price of $8.95/month. Upon completion of your order, download, complete and send your gift certificate redemption form to U.S. Masters Swimming and receive your $25 gift certificate. We urge you to read the rules, policies and procedures associated with the promotion, which are included on your redemption form.

What does this mean for U.S. Masters Swimming?
U.S. Masters Swimming will continue to seek out and entertain partnership opportunities that fit our culture, our members and our mission. And we will brainstorm, problem solve and create activation strategies that benefit you and the organization. Partners such as InfoArmor, Kiefer and Kast-A-Way will serve as models for future partnerships because, well, they just get it. Speaking like a true partner, Robin Kiefer said, "We hope that our efforts at Kiefer will result not only in individual membership gratification, but also in overall membership growth in U.S. Masters Swimming."

Thank you to InfoArmor, Kiefer and Kast-A-Way for your continued support of U.S. Masters Swimming.



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