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July 31, 2012

Education and entertainment

USMS is making an impression in the Aqua Zone, the exhibit hall at Olympic Trials. Supporters of swimming and the Trials seek to educate and entertain with their exhibits. At the Colorado Time System’s exhibit, you can test your reaction time off the blocks. At the Universal Sports exhibit, you can “swim” against a competitor using motion capture technology. You can ride a bucking shark, win a loaf of bread, and swim in a Masters Spa Michael Phelps signature swim spa.

But families seeking fun are hanging out at the U.S. Masters Swimming exhibit, where we’ve recreated a game that swimmers have been playing for years: the goggle toss. Anyone who swam age group will remember trying to snag their goggles on the backstroke flags, the reward for which was getting out of practice early on a Friday afternoon after a hard week of training. Stay tuned for some results of our USMS members who are competing in the Trials.


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