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December 1, 2008

A time for thanks, reflections and planning

Giving thanks, celebrating family and sharing time with loved ones encompass the holiday season. With this in mind, most of us spend the few weeks leading up to the holidays feverishly fighting the crowds at the mall (for no apparent reason because every good little boy and little girl would love the gift of logoed U.S. Masters Swimming gear available at, driving like lunatics through parking lots in search of the perfect spot, basting turkeys and other such feasts, and hoping that this year we only put on a manageable five extra pounds rather than ten. In the midst of the holiday chaos, each of us reflect upon the previous year. As the holidays approach rapidly, it is our turn to reflect on the last 12 months. What has U.S. Masters Swimming accomplished? How has U.S. Masters Swimming contributed to the greater good? How has U.S. Masters Swimming grown? And what can U.S. Masters Swimming expect for the future?

Throughout the next four weeks, U.S. Masters Swimming will tackle these questions and evaluate where we've been and where we're going. We'll highlight members of our organization who have made a difference in U.S. Masters Swimming and in their local communities, we will remember accomplishments and milestones made by U.S. Masters Swimming, and we will share our hopes, goals and "to-do" list for 2009. Phew. Though sometimes tiresome, reflection is a key ingredient to improvement and growth, so are we ready? Yes. Are we set? Yes. It is time to go.

To fully understand the happenings of 2008 and prepare for 2009, we will interview various personalities from programs large and small, old and new, competitive and noncompetitive and we will count victories of goodwill as well as those accomplished in a pool or in the open water. U.S. Masters Swimming will also reintroduce you to staff members and volunteers who will be key contributors behind 2009 initiatives. Though the exploration of U.S. Masters Swimming will not help any of us implement self-discipline around the holiday cookie jar this season, it will allow us to proceed into a new year with confidence and excitement surrounding our organization and our mission. Let the reflection begin.



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