Paper Registrations

  1. Review the member’s One Year Membership Application form (suggested form is in the Guide to Operations online) for accuracy, making sure that the liability release is properly signed, and enter information into the Registration Database.  Distribute registration cards to members as soon as possible.

  2. Note that the waiver statement on the registration forms MAY NOT be modified. (all paper registration forms are a minimum of two pages long.)

  3. The USMS registration software will assign a registration number to each member. An individual’s registration number consists of the two-digit LMSC number, the last digit of the registration year, an additional character, a hyphen, and another five characters. (“Character” means alphanumeric.)

  4. Example of USMS membership number format: XXYA-BCDEF
    XX=LMSC number
    Y=Last digit of year (2003=3)
    A= a unique character that is a checksum of all characters to verify that the registration year
    BCDEF=alphanumeric characters; this sequence of five characters is the member’s permanent ID and will not change from year to year.

  5. Registration cards print out automatically on your computer’s printer from a PDF formatted file created by the registration software. If cards are lost, they are easily printed again by selecting the member checking print new card or a member can be emailed the link to print their own card (Choose the link for membership card, or Compose email and the link will be inserted into the email).

  6. Registration cards must be printed by the membership coordinator and mailed to:
    All members who register by paper application, and
    All members who check the box to request a mailed card when they register online.

    Cards should be mailed within two weeks of the member’s registration date. The membership coordinator should mail membership cards directly to the members themselves and not to a third party (such as a coach).

  7. The Registration Software CANNOT process the registration of a member attached to an unregistered club. If a member wishes to compete but the club has not yet registered, the registration must be submitted as “unattached.” The member can then transfer (paying any applicable fees) once the club has registered.

Name Changes

When members change their names for any reason, change the name in the member’s record and enter a note (containing the old and new names) in the Notes area of the online member record. (Members may also perform this function themselves online; those requests must be approved by the membership coordinator before the member's record is updated.)

Verification of a member’s age

  1. The Registration Software absolutely will not accept a member’s registration if the birthdate has not been provided.

  2. Members must be at least 18 years of age. The software will not accept a registration if the prospective member is not at least 18 years old on the date of registration.

  3. Birthdates must be accurate. Please make every effort to obtain the correct birthdate before submission to the Registration system. DO NOT “INVENT” BIRTHDATES!

  4. Sometimes a membership coordinator will receive an application where the member’s listed date of birth (DOB) is very different from a previous year’s registration (not a simple typographical error).  The membership coordinator needs to verify the member’s real date of birth, and it may require the membership coordinator to request proof such as a photocopy of a driver’s license, passport, or other documentation.

  5. If it appears that it could be a typographical error, previous year registration forms can be viewed to verify the DOB, and corrected accordingly, or the member can be contacted.

  6. If the member has competed in an event with the DOB that is in question, the member should be contacted and the DOB verified by the member providing legal identification documentation.