This tutorial will walk you through screen shots of the current online registration process for individual membership. The National Registration Fees and Membership Options page provides details on our current fee structure.

  • Members must be at least 18 years of age. USMS will not accept a registration if the prospective member is not at least 18 years old on the date of registration, or a DOB is not provided.

  • We CANNOT register a member attempting to attach to an unregistered club for the current year. If a member wishes to compete but the club has not yet registered, the registration must be submitted as “unattached.” The member can then transfer once the club has registered.

The ability to register members through the admin tools system, ESTHER, is not an available option. Paper registration forms are to be sent directly to the National Office, and checks made payable to U.S. Masters Swimming.

Please guide current and prospective members and clubs to register online whenever possible.

Self Management & Automation

  • Updating Information

    My USMS AccountMembers can make updates to their contact information (name, address, phone, email preferences) and email at any time.
  • Membership Cards. ESTHER is unable to generate PDFs. Members can access an electronic version of their card through their My USMS account for use on their iPhone or Android devices, as well as a PDF they can download. If there are clubs that still require a paper card shown, let the National Office know so we can work with you and the club to let them know the alternatives.

  • Welcome Packets. All new members and members who selected the USMS+ add-on option receive welcome packets.

  • LMSC Donation Receipt. Members who donate to an LMSC as part of their registration will receive an automated thank-you email. 


Here are some frequently asked questions you may receive:

  • Transfers. A member must wait 60 days after competing for one club before affiliating with a new club, except at the time of annual renewal. See the transfers page for tutorial and instructions.

  • Unique email addresses are required. To secure a member’s preference center, a unique email address, which is also the member's My USMS login, for each member is required. You can help members update their email address by:

    • Letting the member know they can update their email address and email preferences (and other contact information) through their My USMS account.

    • Emailing the requested change to Membership Services

  • Verifying member’s age. You may receive a request to update a member’s date of birth (DOB) that is very different from a previous year’s registration history (not a simple typographical error).

    • You should verify the member’s real date of birth, and it may require a request of proof such as a photocopy of a driver’s license, passport, or other documentation.

    • Once confirmed, contact Membership Services to assist with updating the member’s information. 

  • Updating information. Members and clubs can make nearly all account updates through their My USMS account or the club admin dashboard. Check out the Admin Tool Tutorials section for video tutorials on helping members and club admins access their accounts. 

Still have questions?

There's a ton of great stuff here, but if you didn't find what you're looking for, or you did but have additional questions, we're here to help! Volunteer Services is available via phone (941) 256-8767 or via email