USMS to Host Hybrid Annual Meeting in 2022

Attendees can attend the meeting virtually as we’ve done the past two years or in person at the Westin Denver International Airport. When they determine how to attend, we encourage LMSCs and delegates to consider attendees’ personal/vacation time and how funds used to attend in person could be used locally in support of USMS member programming and benefits.  

By early summer, we’ll announce a tentative schedule, which will include meetings to be held via Zoom in advance of the annual meeting and the agenda for the annual meeting. The 2022 annual meeting webpage will be updated as information becomes final, and we will link to the 2022 annual meeting schedule in Sched. Should you have immediate questions regarding the 2022 annual meeting, please contact Volunteer Services.

Resources for Delegates

Below are resources, important updates, in addition to all annual meeting information to ensure attendees will be prepared to fully participate. 

  • Location - Virtually or in person at the Westin Denver International Airport. (Hotel Meeting Rooms Map - 9/15/2022)
  • Dates - September 16-18, 2022
  • Delegate Orientation and Helpful Guides
  • USMS Community - The most important element in making our annual meeting effective is delegates being thoroughly prepared. We encourage you to stay connected through the USMS Annual Meeting forum.
    • Set up notifications - There are two options for notifications on community posts, email digests and notifications.  Email digests compile all posts on a given day for a forum and send an email either the following morning or on a weekly basis, based on your preference, with recent posts. Digests are valuable to stay updated without receiving an email every time a post is made.  Instant notifications are another option and can be delivered through email and/or a live alert within My USMS.  Community settings can be accessed on the My USMS home page. Click Community Settings and then email digests and/or notifications. 

Annual Meeting Delegate Packet

When the full annual meeting packet is finalized, it will be made available in PDF format. The packet and individual sections are subject to revision, please be sure to check back frequently to see if any sections have been updated.

Sections of Annual Meeting Packet

Meeting Minutes

Read minutes from all meetings held in conjunction with the 2022 annual meeting.

Remembrance List

Please review this list of USMS members who have passed away since the 2021 annual meeting (click the "Date of Death" column heading twice to reverse sort). If you know of a name that should be added to this list, submit it to USMS Volunteer Services.

Resources for Committees

Post-Annual Meeting