Try Masters Swimming is a chance to introduce adults to the amazing benefits of swimming with a USMS club. People are happier when they swim together, and we want everyone to experience that feeling.

During the months of January and August, anyone can try at least 2 FREE workouts at participating clubs nationwide.

How Can I Help?

Pools are open across the country, the usual "swimming is good for you" articles will get the interest in swimming brewing, and our Try Masters Swimming ads will help get some awareness and conversation going about swimming, but we know a personal touch is the most impactful. So we're asking you, our amazing members, to not only help spread the word in person to your friends, co-workers, and neighbors but to also share on social media.

To help get the digital conversation going, we've created graphics and sample text you can use. However, the biggest impact will come if you share something personal about what swimming means to you, whether in person or online. Your story is amazing and unique, and your words can help get people in the water. 

Don't know whether your club is participating in Try Masters Swimming? Review this list (coming soon) or ask your coach. But even if your club isn't signed up or you don't swim with a club, don't let that stop you from being part of the campaign and spreading the word. 

My club is officially participating

Outside of getting everyone you know to try the 2 FREE workouts, you should be creating an awesome on-deck and in-the-pool experience for swimmers who are trying it. The impact you can make by greeting them, talking with them, and encouraging them is crucial.  

My club is NOT officially participating

In addition to spreading the word to everyone you know, see if your coach will allow a free workout during January and August, and help plan a few special workouts for trial members. If your club can't accommodate it or you're not part of a club, amplifying USMS's message on social media can be very impactful, so please interact with our posts, share your swimming story, and help create a welcome online presence. 

Thank you for being a member of USMS and helping raise awareness for Try Masters Swimming. We couldn't do it without you.

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