Try Masters Swimming is a chance to introduce adults to the life-changing benefits of Masters Swimming. People are happier when they swim, and we want everyone to experience that feeling. During the month of July, anyone can try a free workout at participating clubs nationwide! Sign up below!

Start Your Trial Membership

  1. Find a club by filling out the digital Trial Membership Form.
  2. Coordinate a workout to attend with the coach.
  3. Don’t forget your gear: cap, goggles, towel, water bottle, and sunscreen (if needed).

Nervous about Trying?

Don't be! USMS welcomes swimmers of all abilities. Whether you're looking to improve overall fitness, swim for fun, develop better technique, train for a triathlon, or just learning to swim for the first time, we've got you covered.

For additional peace of mind, brand-new swimmers can check out our Masters Swimming 101 article series, which has tips, a review of swimming jargon, and information on how to circle swim, read the clock, and more. Of course, always feel free to reach out prior to July 1 and talk with the coach of the program to get a better feel for that team’s atmosphere or contact our membership team at 941-256-USMS (8767) or for help.

Current USMS Members

Get ready for Try Masters Swimming in 2020, by planning your team activities now!

Remember, you shouldn't be the only one in your office who smells like chlorine. Plus, your inner circle has already heard the stories about how much you love swimming, so let this be the show to your tell. You know it will be fun working out together -- just think of all that gossip you can get caught up on during the kick sets!