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by Scott Bay

June 7, 2011

Seated Sculling

On your back with your feet first and head out of the water almost as if you are sitting on a lounge chair.  Keeping your hands in front and making sculling motions out in front of you to work your way down the pool. 

What it does

You will definitely feel this in your forearms so it is great for strengthening but also holding the position requires a LOT of core strength too! Definitely enhances feel for the water and awareness of where the water is "slipping" off your hands in all strokes. 

Wall Sculling

On your front with your feet in the gutter or on the deck (place a towel or kickboard on the deck to prevent scraping up your toes)  you lay on your front in the water and scull with your head out of the water and your hands in front of you.  You maintain this position by sculling your hands out in front for a predetermined time (we use 15 seconds) then swim a hard 50. 

What it does

strengthens the core as well as parts of the shoulder and forearms. This is another one that seems easy at first but then ends up being a challenge a few reps into it. Good "feel for the water" drill as well.