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by Daniel Paulling

June 1, 2021

USMS has many members trying to make Team USA this month

U.S. Masters Swimming is proud to support its members competing in the U.S. Olympic Team swimming trials and the U.S. Paralympic Team swimming trials this month as they attempt to represent Team USA at the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the postponed 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Here's a list of competitors who have been members of USMS since 2019.

Please reach out to with any updates that need to be made.


Claire Beaty, East Bay Bat Rays Masters 
Donna dePolo, Sierra Nevada Masters 
P.J. Dunne, Club Swim at the University of Virginia 
Anthony Ervin, Swim Fort Lauderdale 
Brandon Fischer, Unattached Pacific LMSC 
Matt Grevers, Illinois Masters 
Tara Halsted, Davis Aquatic Masters 
Danielle Herrmann, Clovis Swim Club Masters 
Hannah Kastigar, Phoenix Swim Club 
Madison Kennedy, North Carolina Masters Swimming 
Connor Lee, Unattached Southern Pacific LMSC 
Ryan Lochte, Golden Road Aquatics 
Kevin Mendoza, Santa Barbara Masters Swimming
Drew Modrov, Chelsea Piers fitness NY/BK 
Jack Moranetz, North Carolina Masters Swimming 
Destiny Nelson, Palm Beach Masters 
Brett Pinfold, First Colony Masters Swimming 
Ralph Porrazzo, Rose Bowl Masters 
Josh Prenot, The Olympic Club 
Mahlon Reihman, WHAC Masters 
Justin Ress, North Carolina Masters Swimming 
Hannah Saiz, Kenyon Masters 
Jack Saunderson, North Carolina Masters Swimming 
Marina Spadoni, Palm Beach Masters 
Coleman Stewart, North Carolina Masters Swimming 
Austin Surhoff, Rice Aquatic Masters 
Aly Tetzloff, North Carolina Masters Swimming 
Wes Thomas, Stanford Masters Swimming 
Ian Thompson, Fort Belvoir Masters 
Wyatt Ubellacker, Rose Bowl Masters 
Jaycee Yegher, Unattached Potomac Valley LMSC 


Sarah Bofinger, Lane 4 Swimming 
Leslie Cichocki, Athletes Without Limits 
Tye Dutcher, Unattached Arizona LMSC 
Jesse Greve, Gold Coast Masters 
Robert Griswold, Unattached Pacific LMSC 
Jamal Hill, Golden Road Aquatics 
Abbas Karimi, Swim Fort Lauderdale 
Jonny Pierce, Los Angeles Peninsula Swimmers 
Martha Ruether, Unattached Niagara LMSC 
Zach Shattuck, Unattached Colorado LMSC
Mallory Weggemann, Unattached Minnesota LMSC 
Colleen Young, Unattached Ozark LMSC 


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