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September 21, 2018

Check out these new features

Your New My USMS Login 

All USMS members are being prompted to create new My USMS accounts, even if they had one in the old system. This is a necessary step to bring the My USMS account feature in line with industry standards and security recommendations. We've phased out the option of logging in with biographical data and My USMS account logins will now be via email address and password, just as is the case for most other organizations with online accounts. Important:

  • Each My USMS online account must have a unique email address associated with it. If your email address is shared with more than one member, please update the member record for the other person using your email address or contact member services for assistance.
  • If you use the USMS Discussion Forums, see below for important information about that platform.

Club Finder

Club Finder is a new feature that helps members and potential members connect with USMS-registered clubs and workout groups across the country. It also provides clubs with a platform to showcase their facilities and coaches and provides a direct link for prospective members to email the coach or club contact.

If you'd like information on starting a club, contact club and coach services.

Note: Club Finder doesn’t replace Places to Swim, which is now a members-only benefit accessible via the My USMS account feature. Club Finder will link only to registered USMS clubs and workout groups. 

Calendar of Events

Our new Calendar of Events makes finding swim meets, open water competitions, and clinics much easier. The calendar automatically pulls up what’s about to happen in your area, and easy-to-use filters help you find events in other locations.

Personalize your Experience

You can now personalize your experience by letting us know what interests you. You'll still be able to find all the great content we offer, but articles that align most closely with your interests and goals will show up first when you're logged in.

If you have concerns about cookies and tracking, please view the USMS Privacy Policy. In addition, users who don’t wish to be tracked on any website have the option of configuring their browser’s privacy settings accordingly.

USMS Discussion Forums

If you access the USMS Discussion Forums to view the online workouts or post in the Forums, you’ll continue to do so at with your existing Forums username and password. There's also a link to the Discussion Forums in the About USMS section of the large footer at the bottom of all content pages.

For the present, you'll have two separate logins: your new My USMS login ( and your Discussion Forums login ( to access the Forums. We recommend that you bookmark these two links in your browser. There's a “Remember Me” feature on both platforms so you'll be able to remain logged in if you choose.


Some information you used to access from the top navigation bar before the redesigned site launched is now clearly displayed in the large footer of every page. When in doubt, just scroll to the footer and you'll likely find what you're looking for.


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