2018 Open Water National Championships

Course Descriptions

  • USMS Sprint-Distance Open Water Championship (one mile on a quarter-mile straightaway or open water course)
  • USMS 2-Mile Cable Open Water Championship (quarter-mile straightaway)
  • USMS Middle-Distance Open Water Championship (greater than 1 mile and less than or equal to 3 miles)
  • USMS Long-Distance Open Water Championship (greater than 3 miles and less than 6 miles)
  • USMS Marathon-Distance Open Water Championship (greater than or equal to 6 miles and less than 9 miles)
  • USMS Ultramarathon-Distance Open Water Championship (greater than or equal to 9 miles)

Championship Bidding Information

Bid Instructions (.pdf) - Instructions on how to bid for open water national championships. Championships are awarded by the Long Distance Committee at the annual meeting held approximately two years prior to the championship being awarded and are due no later than 30 days prior to the annual meeting. Bidding FAQs.

Open Water Championships Bid Form - Form to be used for bidding on open water national championships. Please download Bid Instructions document for instructions on how to fill out this form.

Help Wanted

The USMS History and Archives Committee is searching for results and some information missing for a number of older events (date, location, etc.). See this file for a list of events where information is needed. If you have access to some of the missing information, please email it.

2019 Open Water National Championships

  • USMS Sprint-Distance Open Water Championship — Lake Willoughby, Vt., Aug. 16
  • USMS 2-Mile Cable Open Water Championship — Eagle Creek Park, Ind., June 15
  • USMS Middle-Distance Open Water Championship — Lake Berryessa, Calif., June 1
  • USMS Long-Distance Open Water Championship — Lake Willoughby, Vt., Aug. 17
  • USMS Marathon-Distance Open Water Championship — Tennessee River, Tenn., Sept. 22
  • USMS Ultramarathon-Distance Open Water Championship — Willamette River, Ore., July 14