Volunteer and Coach Educational Webinars

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Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification

The USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim instructor certification curriculum is based on teaching methods practiced by leading adult learn-to-swim authorities. It incorporates the most innovative and effective training methods and gives certified instructors the tools to teach adults to swim, at a minimum, one length of a 25-yard pool and become safer in the water.

This one-day course, with classroom and in-water instruction, is taught throughout the country by USMS-certified instructor trainers. At the conclusion of the course, successful candidates will receive ALTS instructor certification and designation for the remainder of the calendar year in which certification was achieved.

Please note: USMS provides resources and support for active member instructors only. If your USMS membership lapses, your ALTS certification and designation will not be recognized during that time. Once your USMS membership is reactivated and your ALTS instructor designation fees are paid in arrears, your USMS-certified ALTS instructor designation will be reinstated.