2019 Upcoming Courses

Oct. 13–Los Angeles, CA | Register Now  

Oct.  19–New York, NY | Register Now

Nov. 16–Muncie, Ind. | Register Now

Nov. 17–Atlanta, GA | Register Now

Dec. 8–Sacramento, CA | Register Now

2020 Upcoming Courses

Jan. 26-Orlando. FL 

Feb. 16-Louisville, KY

Feb 23-Charlotte, NC

Feb. 29-Huntsville, AL

March 21-Little Rock, AK

March 28-Charlottesville, VA

April 5-Boston, MA

April 6-Ft. Worth, TX

April 19-Detroit, MI

May 17-18* - San Antonio, TX 

May 31-Philadelphia, PA

Sep. 13-Minneapolis, MN

Sep. 19-20*-Washington, DC

Oct. 3-4* - Chicago, IL 

Oct. 9-10* - Seattle, WA

Oct 16-Las Vegas, NV 

Oct. 25-Denver, CO

Nov. 8-Santa Anna, CA

Dec. 6-San Jose, CA

* ALTS with specialization in adaptive methods - 1.5-day course

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Previous Courses

Oct. 5, 2019 --  Tallahassee, FL

Sept. 11, 2019 -- St. Louis, MO

June 9, 2019–Seattle, WA

May 5, 2019–Washington, DC 

April 15, 2019–New Orleans, LA 

April 7, 2019–Boston, MA 

March 31, 2019–Coeur d’Alene, ID 

March 24, 2019 -- Houston, Texas 

March 23, 2019–Chattanooga, TN

March 17, 2019–Albuquerque, NM 

Feb. 25, 2019–Frisco, TX 

Feb. 24, 2019–Boca Raton, FL

Feb. 17, 2019–Phoenix, AZ

Dec. 2, 2018–San Francisco, CA

Nov. 4, 2018 –Pasadena, CA

Nov. 3, 2018–Buffalo, NY

Oct. 14, 2018–Indianapolis, IN

Sept. 26, 2018–Jacksonville, FL

Sept. 16, 2018–Portland, OR

Aug. 26, 2018–Chicago, IL

May 20, 2018–Denver, CO

May 5, 2018–San Diego, CA

Apr. 15, 2018–Boston, MA

Apr. 8, 2018–New Providence, NJ

March 24, 2018–Bay Area, CA

March 17, 2018–New Orleans, LA

March 3, 2018–Minneapolis, MN

Feb. 25, 2018–Washington, DC

Jan. 28, 2018–Austin, TX

Jan. 20, 2018–Atlanta, GA

Jan. 5, 2018–Sarasota, FL