The goal of these calls is to provide an opportunity for volunteers to pose questions, get answers, discuss challenges, and share successes as you fulfill your volunteer roles. In turn, the LMSC Development Committee and/or the Coaches Committee can use the information shared to help build a repository of best practices for each of our coaches and volunteer positions. 

Mark your calendars for the next webinar(s)

Calls will each be scheduled for one hour and are tentatively scheduled on the second Tuesday and/or third Thursday of each month, with the exception of September and December. Registration links will be provided below for each discussion topic. Contact the LMSC Development Committee Chair or the Coaches Committee Chair for more information.    

Missed a discussion topic? 

Discussion topics are now more easily accessible in the Meeting Minutes section of by selecting Peer-to-Peer Teleconference Notes or Peer-to-Peer Teleconference Recording. Happy reading and listening!