This section is intended to be a repository of computer-based tools that are used by the volunteers who run the various USMS functions.


USMS officially recognizes ACTIVE Hy-Tek Sports Software as the recommended supplier of computer software for Masters Swimming. Contact ACTIVE Hy-Tek for more information.

If you are running a meet using ACTIVE Hy-Tek's Meet Manager, you can download the USMS National Records as of the latest published USMS Rule Book directly into Meet Manager so that record-breaking times are flagged automatically in the results. Follow the steps on the import records into Meet Manager page.

Top 10 Tools:

The top15 and conv15 programs in this zip file can be used by LMSC top 10 recorders for processing top 10 compilations.


A copy of the USA Swimming Standard Data Interchange Format specification document (version 3) can be found here.