USMS National Records

If you are running a meet using Hy-Tek's Meet Manager, you can download the USMS National Records as of the latest published USMS Rule Book directly into Meet Manager so that record-breaking times are flagged automatically in the results. Just follow the steps below to import the records into Meet Manager:

  1. Download a zip file containing the records for the course(s) you desire effective the date of your meet (or the current date if your meet has not been held yet).
  2. Open the zip file and extract the files in the zip file to your local disk. If your version of Meet Manager is installed in the default install directory, we suggest extracting these files to the c:/Hy-Sport/SwMM3 or c:/Hy-Sport/SwMM4 directory, depending on the version of Meet Manager you have installed. Note that you will likely be prompted for confirmation to overwrite the existing files in that directory.
  3. Open Meet Manager and open your meet file for the meet you will be running.
  4. Open the Events Window (from the MM main menu bar) and click on Records.
  5. If the lower rows of records (titled "Order, Tag Name, and Flag") have only one row filled in as "01, Edit Me", select this row and click Edit Tag. Change the Tag Name to NATL and the Flag to N (to have new national records flagged with an 'N' in your results).
  6. Select the NATL records Tag Name and make sure the desired course is selected (SC Yards, SC Meters, or LC Meters) and click the Import button.
  7. In the pop-up window, navigate to the directory where you extracted the files from the downloaded zip file. In the file list, you should see two files named INAT.course and RNAT.course, where course is the course type (SCY, SCM, or LCM).
  8. Select the INAT.course file and click Open. The Individual records will be imported into your database. Repeat the import steps for the RNAT.course file to import the Relay records.

Please submit all record documentation along with a completed Record Submission Form for all swims that are flagged in your meet results as record-breaking swims.

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