Organizational Charts and Policies

Committee Administrative Guidelines

Marketing and Communications 

Committee Role Descriptions

Volunteer Working Calendar

  • We've put together a working calendar for our national and local volunteers, inclusive of important information and dates throughout the calendar year.

  • Try to have your meetings posted on the volunteer calendar 30 days in advance of the meeting. Send Volunteer Services your committee meeting schedule for posting. Meetings posted on the volunteer calendar will have a note to contact the committee chair for meeting-specific details. This will provide an opportunity for those who are interested to watch committees in action throughout the year. 

Committee Meetings

  • USMS Shared Zoom Account - As a committee chair, you will have access to a shared USMS Zoom license that will enable you to host committee meetings. Your login credentials (email and password) are included on your committee roster. If you have any additional questions, please contact Volunteer Services directly. 

    • Zoom has enabled sign-in alerts and send the one-time code to your login email, which is a distribution list set up to forward to all personal email addresses of the chairs and vice president who have access to the shared account. The code expires within 10 minutes. The code will also be forwarded to Jessica Reilly and Volunteer Services. In the event you do not receive the Zoom code, please contact Jessica Reilly.

  • Meeting minutes template (MS Word document)

Share on Community

  • Community is the preferred way for committee file sharing, collaboration, and communication.

  • Set up notifications - There are two options for notifications on Community posts: email digests and notifications. Email digests compile all posts on a given day for a forum and send an email either the following morning or on a weekly basis, based on your preference, with recent posts. Digests are valuable to stay updated without receiving an email every time a post is made. Instant notifications are another option and can be delivered through email and/or a live alert within Community. The Community settings can be accessed on the My USMS home page. Click Community Settings and then the email digests and/or notifications tabs. This video tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up your Community settings and email notifications.

Annual Meeting Documents

The following documents can be found on the current year's Annual Meeting page, under the "Resources for Committees" section:

  • Committee report template (pre-annual meeting)

  • Instructions for meeting minutes

  • Meeting minutes template (MS Word document)

  • Example of a completed meeting minutes document