To reduce Zoom fatigue among our delegates, we've taken several steps to scale down the number of meetings and evenings on the annual meeting schedule. One of the ways we've done this is to ask standing committees without legislative responsibilities to schedule a substantive meeting during late July or August. These meetings won't formally be part of the annual meeting, but information about them will be on the annual meeting page under Committee Meetings schedule and delegates or other interested members are invited to attend.

These committees will still have meetings during September to comply with the requirement that they meet in conjunction with the annual meeting, but they will be held concurrently and be short with the primary agenda item being approval of minutes. It is hoped this will reduce the burden on delegates who felt obligated to attend everything they saw on the 2020 annual meetings schedule but still provide an option for those who are interested to watch committees in action.

If you have further questions contact Volunteer Services via email or phone at 941-256-8767.

Committee Meetings

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EDT). Zoom registration links are included below, and committee agenda's will be added once available. 

  • Board and Ad-Hoc Committees

    • Adult Learn-to-Swim Programming - Tuesday, August 17, 7PM
    • Investment - Tuesday, July 27, 7PM
    • Finance - Tuesday, August 24, 8PM
    • Governance - Wednesday, August 18, 8PM

Missed a Call?

Committee meeting minutes are are easily accessible in the Meeting Minutes section of by searching by event "2021 Virtual Annual Meeting".