Send in Your Event Results!

The USMS Open Water Event Results page can only flourish if the majority of the open water event directors submit their results for inclusion. Event results in PDF format can be uploaded onto this page. If you' re an open water event director, please submit your event results to Event Services for inclusion. Be sure to include the name of the event, sanction number, and the date of the open water event in your email message.

Here is a list of current USMS sanctioned open water event results:

  • Check back soon for more updates!

Open Water National Championships

View results and other information for future, current and prior USMS open water national championships. Course Descriptions:

  • USMS Sprint-Distance Open Water Championship (one mile on a quarter-mile straightaway or open water course)
  • USMS 2-Mile Cable Open Water Championship (quarter-mile straightaway)
  • USMS Middle-Distance Open Water Championship (greater than 1 mile and less than or equal to 3 miles)
  • USMS Long-Distance Open Water Championship (greater than 3 miles and less than 6 miles)
  • USMS Marathon-Distance Open Water Championship (greater than or equal to 6 miles and less than 9 miles)
  • USMS Ultramarathon-Distance Open Water Championship (greater than or equal to 9 miles)