Try Masters Swimming is our annual movement to introduce adults to the life-changing benefits of Masters Swimming. People are happier when they swim, and we want everyone to experience that feeling at your club.

We're encouraging coaches, clubs, and workout groups to welcome potential new swimmers for at least one free workout between Wednesday, July 1 and Friday, July 31, which is the time between the swimming Olympic Trials and the Olympics in Tokyo.

How does Try Masters Swimming work? 

USMS will run a nationwide advertising campaign to people who have an interest in swimming within a radius of the clubs who are participating from June 15 - July 25. This campaign will drive these potential members to our digital Trial Membership Form, which will have all participating clubs listed in it. Once a potential member has filled out the form and selected your club for their free workout, an email will be sent to your club contact with the potential member's information so you can reach back out to them with information about your club, when the practices are going to be and any special instructions. (We will also send a confirmation email to the potential member with your club's club contact information in it as a backup, but you should reach out first!).  

How can my club be a part of it?

This is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up to participate in Try Masters Swimming through the club registration/update process by May 1*
  2. You will be included on the Trial Membership Form that is available to potential members
  3. Pick a few workouts during July to be the free workouts that are designed to be welcoming and fun for new swimmers
  4. You should promote at your facility and encourage your current members to bring friends, family, and co-workers to a practice
  5. The club contact should respond within 48 hours to the potential member inquiry that will be emailed to them with the appropriate information
  6. Show the potential member a great time at your workout!
  7. Follow up with them afterward

*Participating in Try Masters Swimming is one Gold Club Designation criteria.

What resources are available to my club?

A toolbox that contains the following will be available in April:

  1. A best practices document 
  2. A poster to hang at your facility
  3. A flyer to hang at your facility
  4. A press release to send to your local media
  5. Sample website text to input on your club's website
  6. Email templates to potential members, your facility, and your current members
  7. Social media sharables
  8. USMS logos 

And, as always, you can contact the club and coach department at

There will also be club prizes!

More details coming soon.

 5 Ways to Promote Try Masters Swimming

  1. Put a flyer up at all the aquatic facilities in your surrounding area.
  2. Ask your swimmers to share on their social media pages.
  3. Personally invite the lap swimmers at your aquatic facility.
  4. Host a clinic and invite individuals who are not currently members of your program.
  5. Contact your other strategic partners, such as the local triathlon club, to participate in Try Masters Swimming.

Access the TMS Club Toolbox

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