USMS Fitness Award

In an effort to recognize individuals and/or groups for their service to USMS nom-competitive members, the USMS Fitness Committee annually presents the USMS Fitness Award.

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in fitness activities within USMS and is presented to individuals or organizations demonstrating outstanding contribution to fitness activities benefitting USMS members.

Any USMS registered individual(s) who has contributed to the growth, improvement, or success of USMS through communication about fitness information, and/or implementation of fitness activities is eligible for this award.

Consideration is given to:

  • Length of volunteer service to USMS.
  • Varieties of fitness resources used and/or created.
  • Frequency/consistency of activities.
  • Content and quality of activities and/or information generated.
  • Benefits of this activity to the core objectives of USMS (Build, Serve, and Educate the membership).

U.S. Masters Swimming committees, LMSCs, or any member can submit nominations.

Complete the nomination form and send it by JULY 1 to:

Mary Jurey, Fitness Committee Chair

List of past recipients

Nomination form (MS Word file)

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