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by Linda Shoenberger

January 1, 2008

Recently I spoke at the Reno City Council in favor of a new aquatic center.  I was chosen to represent our community’s Masters swimmers.

Other speakers talked on behalf of the following aquatic activities:

  1. Swimming lessons
  2. Water Polo
  3. Diving
  4. Swim Team
  5. Theraputic Swimming
  6. Aquasize
  7. Exercise for the Elderly
  8. Triathlon Swimming

Unfortunately we have lost 2 aquatic centers in the past 2 years.  Our local YMCA shut down and now our 44 yard public pool built 50 years ago lost its pump.  It’s too expensive to replace.  We have not had a new indoor or outdoor pool built in over 40 years, yet our population has increased 149% in that time.

After listening to all the speeches – people pleading, almost begging for a new aquatic center with enough different types of pools useful for everyone – I began to realize the importance of the role of United States Masters Swimming in the world.

Our organization promotes fitness through swimming from age 18 and up.  Our group is filled with mature, active healthy adults who take care of themselves so they can in turn take care of people in their lives who may need help -- children, young adults, injured and sick people and the elderly.  We are strong we are able to contribute to others because we keep ourselves fit through swimming.

We show ourselves as examples of healthy living for young and old alike who want to remain active and healthy throughout their lives.  When we walk into a pool, into our workplace, into our grocery stores and social events, we make a statement about health and wellbeing through swimming. 

I am proud to be a part of this organization and I realize even more now how important it is to belong to a group that supports us in our quest for healthy living.  We can be role models for those children learning to swim, young competitive swimmers and divers who want to continue to pursue the sport, people who want to exercise without pain, people who want to lose weight, and many others who want to be healthy and active.  We are the ones with the smiles on our faces and the skip in our step because we are United States Masters Swimmers.