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December 31, 2009

FINA approved suits accepted by USMS

What about the new suits that have been breaking records?  Can they be used in USMS events?

It has been the practice of both USMS and USA Swimming to follow FINA's approvals and rejections of new swimwear. The new design high-end competitive suits of new materials we've been hearing about this year, such as the Speedo LZR, TYR Tracer Light and Tracer Rise, the Blueseventy Pointzero3, and the Xterra Velocity 0.02, have  all been approved by FINA. The USMS Rules and Open Water Committees have established the following policy, "FINA approval or rejection of new swimwear will be accepted by USMS. This approval is in effect for competitions held in pool, postal, and open water events."