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August 1, 2016

New options and programs during the month of August to capture interest in swimming

Swimming will take center-stage in Rio de Janiero this month and interest in the sport of swimming will increase through TV viewership, internet searches, and inquiries at local pools across the country.

In order to capture some of this interest and provide swimming information and opportunities for people who want to learn to swim, swim for fitness, or compete in swimming, U.S. Masters Swimming has created a new membership option that gives anyone age 18 or older the opportunity to join USMS at a reduced cost for 2016.

The Year-plus membership option means that anyone joining USMS this August will receive $19 off of their 2016 membership when they register through 2017. Anyone interested in finding a program in their area can visit the USMS Places to Swim locator at

Also during the month of August, current Masters Swimming members and coaches are being encouraged to bring a friend or invite a local lap swimmer to their swim team’s practice on August 15, for “Try Masters Swimming Day.”

Swimming’s universally recognized health benefits are the envy of other sports: superior core strength, reduced stress, increased cardiovascular and respiratory health, improved flexibility, and much more. It’s low-impact nature makes it truly a lifelong sport. Swimming with a group offers social benefits second to none, and most USMS programs include swimmers of all ability levels.

More information about joining a Masters Swimming program can be found by following the “Learn More” link on the front page at


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