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by Rob Butcher

August 2, 2012

Interview with USMS's official pool partner

The 2012 Marriott USMS Summer Nationals, following the Olympic Trials, was the second largest long-course Masters meet in our history. It wouldn't have been possible without the support of Myrtha Pools. Myrtha is the Official pool partner of FINA, USA Swimming and now, USMS. Myrtha installed the two pools in the CenturyLink Center Omaha and helped make this memorable event possible. We caught up with Myrtha USA CEO Kevin McGrath for this interview.

USMS: How was Myrtha able to put two pools in the CenturyLink Center Omaha?

KM: Myrtha's patented pre-engineered modular system allows us to take laminated stainless steel panels and custom design any type pool. In the case of the Trials, we created a 10-lane, 50-meter competition pool and 8-lane, 50-meter warm up pool with an adjoining five lane, 25-meter pool. Because our pool comes in panels, we can fit and shape to meet the competition specifications.

USMS: We heard you built the pools in eight days?

KM: Actually, from start to finish, both pools were fully installed in seven days and water filled on the eighth. It then took us three days to drain and disassemble the pools. The competition pool is headed to Charles River (in Boston) and the warm up pool is staying in Omaha as part of the new Omaha Multi-Sports Complex being built.

USMS: Are the new fin starting blocks Myrtha as well? Competitors in Omaha loved them.

KM: Yes, that is Myrtha’s new track start technology. The fin on the back of the starting block is adjustable and allows for swimmers to balance themselves and push with maximum force off the blocks.

USMS: So, is developing competition pools the core of Myrtha's business?

KM: We installed 1,500 pools last year worldwide. Myrtha has unlimited capabilities in our designs which we are well known for in competition pools. However we supply and design pools for all market segments, which include municipalities, water parks and hotels, with most of them being free form pools.

USMS: In Omaha, the pool was above ground. Does Myrtha build in-ground pools?

KM: The vast majority of our pools are in-ground permanent installations. The Olympic Trials was an example of a custom design project where our pool was placed on the foundation floor of the CenturyLink Center. The flexibility of the Myrtha Pool is what allowed the Trials and USMS Summer Nationals to be in the CenturyLink Center. When the pools are installed in both Charles River and Omaha Multi-Sports Complex, they will be permanent in-ground installations.

USMS: What does a Myrtha Pool cost?

KM: To design and install a 10-lane, 50-meter pool like the Trials pool is roughly $1.5 to $2 million dollars. That is comparable to the installation of a concrete or plaster pool. The biggest difference, though, is the maintenance and operational cost. Myrtha Pools come with a 15-year warranty compared to the industry standard of one year. Myrtha guarantees they won't leak, you won't need to resurface, they use less energy to operate, and our pools use significantly less chemicals than a concrete pool. We can also take an existing traditional pool and replace it with Myrtha Pool’s RenovAction® technology.

USMS: Why do you support USMS?

KM: USMS is the leading Masters organization in the world. We share similar values. And we also know that many of USMS members are passionate about their swimming so when the time comes to get a new pool, add starting blocks or even retrofit an existing pool, we hope they will talk with us or have influence in their communities to encourage their leaders to talk with us.

USMS: OK, so how do I get more information?

KM: Our US offices are in Florida. You can call us at 941-955-2591. Video of our installation can also be watched online at or our Facebook page at


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