January 8, 2009

One year ago, U.S. Masters Swimming formed a branding task force charged with the responsibility of writing a position paper on the identity of our organization.  The brand task force developed and evaluated surveys and questionnaires, and conducted focus groups to define U.S. Masters Swimming, its members, both current and future, and the core beliefs of the organization.  The work of the brand task force led to a rebranding effort and today the unveiling of a new brand logo for U.S. Masters Swimming.  

“We feel that the new brand logo represents our organization, where we are today and where we will be in the future,” commented Lynn Hazelwood, branding task force chair.  “We are pleased with the commitment of the Board of Directors and the U.S. Masters Swimming staff to the process and we are confident that this logo successfully defines U.S. Masters Swimming.”

“The icon in our new logo embraces our tradition of pool swimming while also coming across as very inviting to recreational and fitness swimmers, open water swimmers and triathletes,” commented Executive Director Rob Butcher. “It was our goal to maintain our heritage while also recognizing the future of adult swimming.”  

All U.S. Masters Swimming clubs, sanctioned events, sponsors and licensees are encouraged to begin using the new brand logo according to the style guide applications.  The new logo and accompanying style guide of use may be downloaded at www.usms.org/logos.

Sidecar Brand Management and its owner, Tyler Benedict, was the design firm responsible for developing the new brand logo.

About U.S. Masters Swimming

U.S. Masters Swimming, founded in 1971, is a membership-operated national governing body that promotes adult health, fitness and wellness through aquatics.  It does so by partnering with more than 1,000 adult swim clubs across the country that offer swim/fitness programs, promoting information via a bimonthly member magazine, USMS.org, and sanctioning and promoting pool, open water and virtual competitions.  Nearly 50,000 adults are registered members of U.S. Masters Swimming.